December 11, 2009

Asymmetrical Ruffles Abound in Fall 2009

I spent a somewhat embarrassing amount of time stalking this Tibi ruffle coat (blogged yesterday).

(Tibi Fall 2009)
And in the process I came upon some pieces with similar aesthetics that I considered as fantastic substitutes in case the coat I really wanted sold out along the way.
This Loeffler Randall "Cascading Ruffle Coat" is stunning. I wish I could have seen it in person. The futuristic and edgy vibe would have certainly softened any bittersweet sense of compromise.

The structured details of this McQ asymmetrical collar coat (20% off on Zappos right now) and the black color option would also be a fantastic substitute for the Tibi jacket.

This TWG cashmere ruffle cardigan was in the running for obvious reasons.

But my favorite piece of all the asymmetrical ruffled options of 2009 is actually neither ruffled nor from 2009 at all. I've longed for this Chloé Fall 2008 coat for... just over a year now. And I selected the Tibi coat hoping it would stave my desires for what in this case is a far too spendy but in my opinion, glorious and unique topper.
Perhaps it is hard to see a connection between the vibe of this coat with what I ultimately bought. But in my mind the niches they fill are similar. The biggest difference (other than price point, since Chloé is decidedly out of the range of my personal budget) is that I can pair gray with a broader range of neutral basics than black. I know the rules about navy and black no longer apply... but occasionally, at least in my opinion specific blues just won't work with black the way they do charcoal.

So, what do you think of these options and the selection I ultimately made?


Anonymous said...

The Tibi coat is great, but that Chloe coat is gorgeous and worth stalking for years.

S said...

I admire you for being able to make this decision at all. All of these coats are stunning!

Anonymous said...

i really love the coat you got- the tibi is so cute on you, and it fits really well (glad you could find the smaller size). i really love the LR one too! (i am so predictable, lol). i had never seen it before and now i think i may have to consider it ;) ~joelle

erin said...

oh that chloe!!!! i love the tibi one you got too...

Theressa Lauw said...

That Chloe coat is gorgeous. I love the Tibi one that you ended up getting as well. It fits you wonderfully, and will be very versatile. Plus, if the Chloe coat ever turns up in your price range, they are different enough that you could justify the purchase.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Standingcinema, Erin, and overcaffeinated, the consensus about the Chloé coat being really special is something with which I totally concur. If only it would become cheap enough to be affordable! Thank you all for reading!

Joelle, I am totally unfamiliar with LR's fit in clothing but I know your LR shoe collection is jaw-droppingly beautiful!

Shar, the decision was easy only because there was 1 I could afford and only 1. :)


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