December 15, 2009

Seasonal Dressing for the Holidays

In the last week or so, I spent a bit of time going to dinners, attending holiday gatherings, and generally having plenty of reason to dress up. But because I'd be seeing different people in different contexts, I figured I could tweak the details and be a monogamous dresser. Here's is a snapshot of two outfits I assembled from my closet:

Burlapp "Bold Boutonnière" Dress from Anthropologie sale
Aqua cashmere cardigan from Bloomingdales
Spanx tights from Nordstrom
Banana Republic necklace
Marc Jacobs Blake in quilted Mouse leather
Nine West "Bounced" mary jane pumps in wine from sale

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Kaleigh" dress in gold from ebay
Spanx tights in heathered charcoal from Nordstrom Rack
Marc by Marc Jacobs captoe pumps in blue suede with burgundy leather accents (similar to these) from ebay

I carried the Blake with this outfit too though it isn't pictured. Speck's favorite non-human related snuggle spot is near my purses.

I assume this is because she knows I take them with me when I leave and she wants to ensure I don't forget her!

I've got a few more recent outfits to post but will save them for later this week. What have you been wearing to your holiday parties and gatherings?


Michael Hoffman said...

I think she's trying to look real small so that you'll put her inthe back and CARRY her with you!

A said...

i love the wine colored tights with the anthro dress! it pops so well. :)

Sheena said...

Love these outfits! Very nice for the type of events that you went to! I love that MJ dress, too! Very good look!

Unknown said...

one of my cats LOVES to just climb on top of a purse and take a nap. so strange!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Angela and Sheena!

Michael, she does this all the time with my bags. She curls up next to them for warmth I think.

Rosa, that is so strange but cute! I do think animals recognize the material items we take with us when we leave them at home. Every time I bring out a Speck gets nervous and whiney cause she knows what that bag means.


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