December 01, 2009

Sorry for the Silence! Anthropologie Sales, Chicago, and Outfits!

In the middle of the month I was in Chicago for a conference and meant to update but had little time in between conferencing, mingling, and catching up with friends around town. Before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving and I was thrilled to host dear friends from Brooklyn and visit family.

While in Chicago, I stayed at a very lovely place called the Hotel Monaco and although it wasn't a conference hotel the location was great for my needs. I bid for a the 4 star on Priceline in the Loop and was delighted with the results. They had L'Occitane soaps and a free wine hour with fresh fruit and other complimentary snacks. The helpful staff offered free starbucks in the morning and NY Times newspapers. We were a block and a half from an Intelligentsia cafe if we wanted great coffee. Pets were permitted to stay for free which made me miss Speck even more (since she couldn't come on the plane). Their funny plush robes came in zebra and leopard prints. And the space was decorated with art deco touches throughout. It was seriously my favorite hotel yet! Around the corner was ample shopping and plenty CTA options. A+ would stay again!!

The room was somewhat small (which I've found to be common in larger cities and have never had the luxury of being a suite person), so this GIANT mirror in front of the bed seem that much more vulgar and comical to me and Chris (who came along).

I am glad we've taken to conferencing together. It makes the work you put forth in developing a paper and putting your ideas out into the academic community that much more rewarding. Plus, afterwards you can celebrate with the person most supportive of you! And we did just that. We went to many lovely restaurants, including Publican and Rick Bayless's new Xoco.

Before the trip, I decided to make a suburban Anthropologie run since I heard rumblings of a great sale. I ended up picking up these dresses at significant discount!

Left to right: Moulinette Souers Color Drenched Dress, Burlapp's Bold Boutonniere Dress, and LA Made's About Town Dress.

They came in handy while at the conference and elsewhere! I wore the LA Made one to the airport on both bookends of the voyage. Burlapp's dress fit in nicely with Publican's rustic but contemporary decor. And the Moulinette Souers Dress when paired with a cardigan was a sunnier silk alternative to the sea of mostly bland conference fare.

I've been rotating each of them regularly since. I took a cue from Michelle Obama and belted the navy Ann Taylor Loft cardigan I picked up in Chicago, to wear for dinner with Chris's mom and stepdad.

Linea Pelle braided belt with Chie Mihara t-strap pumps and a Marc by Marc Jacobs chunky stone necklace and Huge Hillier hobo.

And I wore this to Saks to browse in anticipation of the post-Thanksgiving discounts.

Linea Pelle studded double buckle belt and Giuseppe Zanotti silver studded flats.

I hope the holiday shopping season has brought forth many deals and steals!


Natalie said...

Hi! I just found you blog. I love that color drenched dress to pieces, it looks fab on you (I bought it on sale as well, its great.) Also very jealous you got the boutonniere dress- was this by chance the anthro in woodfield? (my mom lives like next to it and if it was Im sending her in to see if they have my size!)


elaina said...

Jess, you look SO LOVELY in the polka-dotted one. OMG. Swoonage! Also I am envious that you travel in anthro dresses. I would if I didn't end up having awful travel anxiety & didn't sweat horribly with nervousness that my plane will crash.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Natalie, thank you! I thought the color drenched dress was a great deal! I got the bold boutonniere dress at the Galleria Mt. Lebanon Anthropologie in South Western PA (so not in the Chicago area... but near where I grew up). I didn't see any others but you should call and run a store search. I've seen them on ebay too, but marked up, of course. :( Good luck finding it! I'm sure there will be returns in the coming weeks.

Elaina, You are too kind. The LA Made one is super thick sturdy cotton canvas. And it is dark so despite my clumsiness I felt comfortable wearing it on the plane. A friend's father once told me that he only travels in suits because you are treated with dignity everywhere you go. And I have since decided that it is very mid century to dress up to go to the airport so I adopted his strategy with great success! Since most flights I take are fairly short it almost distracts me from my own flying anxiety to be in something more me than yoga pants. That said, if I was taken red eyes or cross continental ones I would probably wear something comfier).

Thank you both for reading!

Kim said...

Jess - I missed you in Chicago :-( I'm glad you got to hit up Anthro though - which one did you go to?
You look awesome in the Color Drenched Dress!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kim, I am sad we didn't get to hang out but I ended up having a much more busy schedule than I anticipated. As a result it was hard to predict when I'd be available in advance. I tried to spend a good amount of time at the conference since I am on the job market.

Anyway, thank you for the compliment! I went to the Anthropologie near North Michigan Avenue. I don't know the name of it but I walked there from Barneys. I didn't buy anything though. My local Anthro had a much wider sale selection and was far less crowded.

alithea said...

jess i love that LA made dress! it runs so small though. i tried it on in an XL and totally got STUCK and it was the worst.

i also love everything LA made makes and have 2934957497 of their knit tops, which last forever and are the softest.

A said...

great buys! I love all the dresses.

Kim said...

ahh, you hit the State St store! that was the first one in Illinois and my favorite one to go to - it's one of the largest, but the sale is always picked over because it gets SO much foot traffic.
No worries - next time you're in town, just let me know!

Elsa Mora (Elsita) said...

Oh! You look great in both outfits :)
I wish that I could go to Chicago soon. My husband was born over there... we go for a visit once in a while to see my Mother in Law.
Elsita :)


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