January 04, 2010

Another Year of Happy Part 1:

Chris casually said this to me as he flipped the self titled Velvet Underground record and I thought it encapsulated so perfectly my pangs of nostalgia for so many moments in 2009 and my optimism for more moment-making as we enter 2010.  Some of my favorite photographed outfits of the year will follow in subsequent posts:

I wore a variation of this outfit many times over winter and fall of 2009. The Alice + Olivia coat was among my favorite super sale purchases. The League of Women Voters "Good Government Awards" Dinner, my friends' intimate Pittsburgh wedding gathering at Lidia's Italy, to Max's Allegheny Tavern to watch Pitt basketball and to eat German food. I could go on...

I got this Tibi dress for a song on ebay in early February and brought it to New York over Valentine's Day.  I continued to wear it throughout the year but it reminds me of February. And I just wore it on Saturday, January 2nd to a family gathering.

This See by ChloƩ dress was another ebay find. I affectionately named it after Cormac McCarthy's book, The Road, which ignores some of the more whimsical elements of the print. But it mostly evokes an industrial landscape reminiscent (in my imagination, at least) of barren dystopia. I wore it to the Bloomfield Halloween parade and to see the filmic version of the book in the theater. It is far too large so I have to pair it with a cardigan or jacket to have a shape. But I love it regardless.

When I was reviewing my outfit photos of 2009, I noticed how swiftly my See by Chloe dress collection managed to grow. This white linen number was a summer favorite and I wore it with a variety of accessories to dress up or down. I wore it to see Magnolia Electric Company play outdoors at the Andy Warhol Museum. I wore it to see the Pittsburgh production of Sondheim's beautiful metanarrative play, Into The Woods at the Benedum. I wore it to dinner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Labor Day Weekend, which was officially the last weekend of the year where I would wear linen with confidence. And as much as I love tights, sweaters, coats, and layers, it will be a treat to pull it out once 2010 warms up! As a consummate klutz I was a little terrified to care for a white linen dress but between Fels-Naptha (old fashioned laundry soap) and Oxyclean I think I will be able to keep this dress in good condition.


Anonymous said...

i seriously envy your collection of coats and dresses! you have so many great ones- not a one basic or boring. i am looking forward to more pics of your favorites! i really like the a&o coat here, and the see by chloe dress. i also like how specific your memories are of wearing each one. ~joelle

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks Joelle! I seriously envy your closet too. You have the most innovative and imaginative style. And you wear the outfits you assemble so well!

Thanks so much for reading. A few entries ago I mused about how consumerism is not as frivolous and shallow as the rap it receives because materials are so rich with individual narrative histories for each of us. And my outfit memories are how I rationalize my position. :)

erin said...

i love the alice & olivia coat so much. it looks so awesome on you! i feel another SWF coming on and i probably need to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

I love the A&O coat and "The Road" See by Chloe dress.

None said...

You look great in all of these photos! I particularly love the third dress.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Erin, lol! I don't know from which season it came (cause I looked all over once I bought it to see where it was carried and whether there were stock photos) but I got it at the Karma closing sale. I am guessing it was older than F/W 2008-9 but could be wrong.

Thank you StandingCinema and Lady Cardigan! :)


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