January 19, 2010

Recent outfits: Dinner at Kaya, Bday Party at Kelly's

Last Thursday Chris decided to take me out to celebrate strategic victories and resultant financial windfalls from his participation in two fantasy football leagues.* While dining at Kaya we got to see our friend Tim who must have been promoted to server since we last ran into him working. This is great news because that means he has excelled in a restaurant that boasts some of the most friendly, attentive, casual fine dining service in Pittsburgh!

 That night I wore the above ensemble of purple, oatmeal, and black. The purple cashmere cardigan is from winter 2009 clearance racks of TJ Maxx (I think it was around this time last year that I scored major deals). The Juicy Couture skirt has a cute bow detail at the waist that doesn't translate through my poor quality iphone photos. The long sleeved tshirt is from Old Navy. The tights were a free Bloomingdales.com score from when they distributed mystery money gift cards via email. And the shoes are Me Too (also from TJ Maxx).

The next day I went to Kelly's in East Liberty to celebrate a friend's birthday. I belted the Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacock Paisley dress to change the silhouette and it was a big success in that my outfit was showered with compliments all evening!

I paired it with suede and leather captoe mary jane MBMJ pump, a navy patent Miu Miu bag (scored from the Waterfront Filene's Basement years ago, RIP), and a polyblend fabric sash from a vintage dress, used as a makeshift obi belt.

But my favorite outfit moment of the weekend was on Saturday evening when I stayed in and entertained friends (one of who brought over his very sweet dog).

Although I was covered with various furs by the end of the evening, I was so snuggly and warm thanks to my furry friends, Speck and Laika!

*Note that I also participated in one of the above-mentioned leagues, only to find myself in last place by the end of it. But someone has to take last place! My hypercompetitive inner jerk argues that I'd rather be the best at losing than be numbers 2-9. But rational me knows my performance was quite embarrassing.


erin said...

you look great, jess! yay to chris for getting a FF windfall!! i love kaya.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks Erin! I was excited because we've been purposely eating in and cooking to save money for 10-9-10. So going out was an extra special treat!

flaneuse said...

I LOVE that dress belted on you! gorgeous!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Flaneuse!


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