March 18, 2010

Now I see what the fuss was about: Anthropologie Two Paths Trench

I went out to the burbs to return the Anna Sui County Fair dress in person this weekend. While there I decided to try on a few items for fun and fit knowledge (in the anticipation of future sales). I was especially excited to check out the Two Paths jacket from Idra.
Anthropologie at ShopStyle
It is knock off of a much more expensive Burberry trench seen on the character Robin from the television show How I Met Your Mother. And it has been heavily reviewed all over the Anthropologie Blog Scene. I've never seen the show but I did love the coat when it was posted on Fashionism.
The drape of the fabric is very different from the vastly cheaper Anthropologie one, which is to be expected. But otherwise the coat is very close to the one above.
Size 8 was a good fit on the bottom but a little big on top
I really love the side view closed. Not as much open. The fabric is substantive and seems rain resistant if not entirely waterproof. The buttons are hard to close. I didn't buy it because I have a zillion light weight jackets and sweatercoats I rarely wear. If it makes it to the sale section, maybe I'll bite.
But I feel somewhat mixed about the knock off issue. It isn't counterfeit in that it doesn't claim to be Burberry but it does completely appropriate their design. Despite the knock off aspect, the quality of the Idra coat is impressive for the price. I couldn't afford the Burberry if it was still available anyway. Should that alleviate my knock off concerns?


Dea said...

The trench looks awesome on you!! I tried it on yesterday and just really loved it.

Becca said...

Love it on you!!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you DEA and Becca! I think I might try to get it on sale (if it makes it to sale).


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