March 15, 2010

Review: Anna Sui County Fair Dress from Anthropologie

The other week I saw the extremely stylish blogger, Golden Means, in the County Fair dress from Anna Sui's Anthropologie collection.
She looked so cute and I was intrigued by her description of the fabric's substantive thickness. I don't typically buy dresses that are bare on top because I don't think they flatter me. But I had ideas about layering the dress to make it work so I gave it a shot. It was on sale and with free Anthropologie shipping I knew I could easily return it in person.

I really loved the fairground print.
And I was excited to try it on when it arrived. I ordered a size 8 after reading reviews on blogs and the dress's sale page.

It fit me awkwardly. It zipped no problem but there was strange excess space underneath my bustline, where it should have been snug all the way down to my waist. I layered a cotton t-shirt with long sleeves underneath to counteract the bareness of the spaghetti straps. The material of the dress was thick and stiff, akin to a durable canvas, making it unlikely for summer. While it seemed very nicely made, the shape didn't do much for me. So back to the store it went. It is a good reminder that when a dress works beautiful on someone with great style, it doesn't automatically mean you will be as in love with the look on yourself. 

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm really flattered and a little surprised to be referred to as an extremely stylish blogger Jess! :) Thanks for the compliment. I'm so sorry that this dress didn't work out properly for you though! I do think the material and cut is a little awkward for sure and I can see how it would cause problems. And I too was disappointed that it was too thick to wear during the summertime! The print was made for long hot days...but the dress itself is not!

Carole said...

I'm so sorry that this darling dress didn't work for you, Jess. I agree that it is so hard to know how something will work without trying on. I also agree that goldenmeans is a very stylish blogger.

altocat said...

Jess, I also bought & returned this dress! The waistline hit me too high, which is rare since I have such a short torso. That plus the fullness of the skirt made me look really wide. I love the retro carnival print, but this just wasn't meant to be. ITA that goldenmeans has great style!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Ladies! Thank you all for reading!

Goldenmeans! You shouldn't be surprised. It is clear that you have fantastic style. :) Perhaps if the material was less thick, it would have hung or draped differently on me. But my hips just made it poof in a bad way.

Carole, I was sorry at first, also. But it is better to return something that doesn't work than hold onto it for the cute, whimsical print.

Altocat! Yeah the skirt's fullness was my biggest problem. I adored the carnival print but a print couldn't correct for the shape on me.


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