April 06, 2010

Curled Zinnia or Cathedral Garden and Birthday OOTD

Leifsdottir's name for the above pictured dress depended on whether it  was sold by parent company, Anthropologie or by department stores like Nordstrom. But the saturated floral prints on this silk dress remain the same. I got it for a final sale price on Gilt Fuse. And I wore it on Saturday, this past weekend. 

I also got my Anthropologie birthday gift in the mail: an odd candle "necklace" and a 15% off coupon for in-store purchases.
My birthday was very fun and because I was attending the Pirates' home opening game, I dressed accordingly. Not fancy but comfortable. Tomorrow I will dress up for our rescheduled dinner reservations. I was too tired and not hungry, post-game so I asked Chris to change the plan and he obliged.
Postgame, my hair was windblown, my face was flushed from unintentional sun exposure, and everything was wrinkled. But I had a blast. Chris took this photo which is obvious from the lack of care in angling and shoe inclusion. I took one of him too, sporting his new Clemente jersey. 

I am thrilled to show you my birthday gifts. Hopefully some time this week!


Unknown said...

wow that dress is just absolutely gorgeous!!! those colors look fantastic on you

Tien said...

You cracked me up with "Chris took this photo which is obvious from the lack of care in angling and shoe inclusion." I'm always reminding Steve to include the shoes if he takes photos.

The dress looks great on you. The colors are stunning against your hair. Enjoy your birthday meal!

Carole said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! LOL at Chris excluding the shoes -- I think all guys manage to exclude the shoes somehow. It's like they don't "get" how important shoes are!! Anyway, you look beautiful in your Leifsdottir dress. The fit is perfect.


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Rosa, Tien, and Carole!

I will have to remember to remind Chris to include my shoes in the next outfit photo. :)

Brianna said...

Happy birthday!!! I never got my anthro discount for my birthday in November, still a little annoyed about that and about my lack of follow through to get it.

Anyway though, beautiful dress, I love the print, great choice for a birthday dinner!

Anjali said...

You look so pretty in the Curled Zinnia, and again, happy birthday :) I have this dress too...it was backordered in my size and by the time it went on sale it only cost me $39, crazy!

erin said...

happy birthday! the dress looks fabulous!


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