April 05, 2010

Rosettes for Easter: The Bold Boutonnière

My Easter outfit did not come from the pieces I coveted here. Instead I went with a dress I bought on sale from Anthropologie back in the fall: the Bold Boutonnière. Inspired by Rosa of Love at First Shop, I paired it with a jewel toned cardigan in a spring-friendly hue. I chose violet to match the hyacinth flowers my mother gifts to me every Easter.

After they've given off all the lovely scent they can, and after they've begun to sag from the weight of the tall heavy stems, I tuck them into a corner of my back yard until the plant parts can easily be removed from their bulbs. I plant the bulbs into the ground in late summer/early fall and the flowers return the following spring!

I have only spent one easter so far in my current home, so I only have three hyacinths this year. But next year I'll have three more. My previous place (where I rented, previous to buying my house) had four years worth of these floral presents. I was so sad to leave them behind.

I also wore the above outfit to try on wedding dresses with my mom and sister. We had fun although the things we found were not really up my alley. We went to honor the ritual aspects of wedding planning and to make sure I was certain I didn't want a traditional gown.  I'm still kind of ambivalent about the wedding clothing aspect of this ordeal. The women at the local boutique, Checkers Bridal and Prom, were exceptionally nice and friendly.  And their current 75% off dress sale meant that I could have scored a dress for well under my price ceiling. But I came away empty handed. I do now have many photographs of me in poofy frocks, looking uncomfortable and "overdressed," even for a "bride-to-be."
The Bold Boutonnière was a big hit on the wedding dress store circuit. Many shop assistants asked where I found such a lovely piece.

The details:
Dress: Anthropologie, similar here and here. Top here.
Cardigan: TJ Maxx
Shoes: On left, Marc by Marc Jacobs simple pumps. On right, Chloé zipper flats. (similar to the mbmj, but with a higher heel here.) In fact, I think mine might be knock offs of the iconic Louboutins.

Accessories details:
Anthropologie initial necklace. Similar here.
Swatch Irony watch. Similar here.
Marc Jacobs quilted Blake in Mouse. Similar here.
Antique art deco engagement ring.

BTW, I am 30 years old today!


Tien said...

Oh, wedding dresses! I don't really like them, either. Steve and I are debating whether or not we want to get married, since neither of us are big believers in it, but unfortunately, we want the the rights that are given to married couples (tax breaks, next of kin, etc.)

Too bad for us the only dress I fell head over heels with is a $10k Lanvin dress. Way out of my price range.

Have you looked at Saja? They have weddign dresses that are more toned down and are simple, but still fancy enough. I love the silks they use in their frocks, and I own many pieces from them before they went wedding only. They used to sell their dresses and blouses to Anthro (2005-2007).

Tien said...

I forgot to say Happy Birthday! I'm turning 30 this year, too! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

happy birthday!!!!

and love the bold boutonniere dress on you

i'm not engaged but i feel like i'd have such a hard time dress shopping, i'm so indecisive!

Theressa Lauw said...

Happy birthday!

Wedding dress shopping can be hard, especially if you don't want something quite so traditional. I'm sure your dress is out there!

You and Rosa and making me kick myself for not getting the bold boutonniere dress. *sigh* so pretty!

Allie said...

Happy Birthday! More like 30 years young ;)

Carol Jeandel said...

this's delightful time to wear the beauty wedding dress how great today happy birthday ; )

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, I was content to domestically partner, only but there are legal and financial benefits to marriage that are undeniable. This is part of why I want very much for those rights to be extended to all consenting adult couples. But our families want very much to have a party where we get together and celebrate this union. So that's part of why we are doing it. I am excited to be married but less thrilled about the expense of a wedding. I wish you and your partner luck in deciding whether or not marriage suits you. I will also check out the Saja brand you suggested! I'd love to see the Lanvin number if you have a link handy. :)

Rosa, Thanks for the bday wishes and compliment! I definitely think that even for the most practical people, wedding dress shopping becomes different from other forms of shopping because everyone else makes it out to be such a HUGE deal that even if you don't buy into it, the pressure can be tough to manage.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Overcaffeinated, in some ways I think it might actually be easier to go with something more traditional because people won't really judge it in the same way as something nontraditional. And the crowd is so broad and diverse that you're not going to really find something that everyone likes. But my mom keeps reminding me that she's been to tons of weddings in her life and she cannot remember ever thinking the bride was anything less than beautiful. I think if I keep that attitude... that people want to be happy for the couple rather than critique them then I won't be so intimidated by the process. Thanks for your comment!

Allie, and Ancarol, thank you for your comments and warm wishes for my birthday!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jess! I just turned 30 too, and it's wonderful, I'm telling you.
I love the Bold Boutonniere dress on you!

Tien said...

Lanvin silk Mousseline Embelished Gown

I'm learning how to sew right now. If I ever get any good at it, I might just make something similar myself. The biggest appeal to the gown is the drape. We'll see. Either I'll have something like this or probably something from Saja--most of their dresses are $1200 or under, so the price is right.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Kim!

Tien, that Lanvin dress is beautiful! Definitely wedding dress caliber gorgeous. The drape is the best part. I will check out Saja. Those prices are more in my range.

Anjali said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jess! You look fabulous in your Bold Boutonnière! And I know what you mean about the poofiness and overdressed type offerings at most bridal showrooms! I took my friend wedding dress shopping a couple months ago and it was kind of overwhelming, and I wasn't even the one trying on the dresses :) I think it took a while before she found a designer/boutique that suited her. I hope whatever gown you end up getting you love =)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you goldenmeans! I had a nice bday and already found other dress shops with stock that suited my tastes moreso than the above fare. But man it is the most exhausting type of shopping I've ever done! :)


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