May 04, 2010

Anthropologie Sale Info

Exhaustive lists of the markdowns can be found on Effortless Anthropologie and Anthroholic! Thank you Roxy and Kim for your tireless efforts to keep the rest of us informed on sales.

Now I need to decide whether or not to partake in this sale. Some items that I normally would jump at are non-issues. For example, the Two Paths Trench (which I adore, as evidenced by my recent ensembles) is on sale for $99!
I just love its layers! 

But the Fragrant Valley dress which was almost completely sold out at my nearest store, is also on sale.
And although I haven't had a chance to try it on, I do admire it very much. It is by Corey Lynn Calter in a mix of silk and cotton. I wonder if it would make a nice occasion dress to wear to summer weddings? I think it would. But I also have many dresses. So I will likely pass. What about you? Buying anything?

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