May 06, 2010

Engagement photos and outtakes

Last night I learned that two dear friends of mine got engaged! And the great news corresponded nicely to remind me to share a few of the photos my very talented friend Missy took of Chris and me. We are likely going to use one of them as a postcard for a save the date purpose. But these are a few of the pictures (including some of the more funny outtakes).
Chris proposed to me in Friendship Park, in the snow on December 5th, 2008. It was freezing cold and we were walking the dog, coming back from the post office. He had made a silly suggestion I dress up to make it a fancy walk, remembering years earlier that I had told him I remember occasions by outfits. I remember wearing an orange velvet dress by James Coviello for Anthropologie (years ago) and a See by Chloe coat. Sadly I don't have any photos of it.
Speck looks so funny in this one! Anyway, this is the bench where he proposed. So I really wanted a few photos taken there. I made the banner out of vintage cards I bought in college when I worked at a small mom and pop pharmacy that never threw anything away. The numbers are our wedding date. The woman in the background is one we often see in the park. She was grinning at us quite a bit according to Missy.
Chris is not used to having his picture taken so when we tried to do the corny "couple spontaneously looks lovingly at one another" series, so often a part of engagement photos, Chris instead looked... hungry or anxious. But as you can see in the above, Speck and I are very adept at looking lovingly at one another.
We hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to take something that felt so indulgent and silly, seriously. So we laughed a lot. And although our moms probably wouldn't like using this as a save the date postcard photo, I really love it.
We also tried standing at the beginning. But these are some of the most awkward of the bunch but they do show our outfits.  My first idea of including the date was to use a chalkboard, since we are both academics and aspiring professors who teach at the university level.

I am wearing:
A Tibi dress that Anthropologie called the Hudson and Houston shirtdress
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
A vintage necklace
My antique engagement ring from the 1940s
Prada eyeglasses

Chris is wearing:
A cotton suit by Rag and Bone
A Diesel dress shirt
A vintage silk tie from Pierre Cardin
Norman Childs eyeglasses

Thank you so much to Missy, our close friend who took the photos of us!


Marie Elia said...

I love love love the photo where you guys are laughing. You both look so darling and happy. I think of you both as such cheerful people, so I think it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

The laughing picture is so good!! But you both look great in all of the shots and I love your outfits.

Heather said...

You two are so cute! I love the photos. :)

elaina said...

omg SO MUCH cuteness. I love that Speck was included! My heart is bursting looking at these.

Tien said...

You guys are so cute! I love looking at your family. Speck is adorable! I had a spider live in the corner of my apartment for years, and I named him Speck. Everything that came near him was called Speck-friend (and subsequently, became Speck-food).

Your hair looks fantastic. That Tibi dress is so you.

And I am dying to see your wedding dress. I know you said we will have to wait, but I am so curious as to what you got.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Marie! That is such a sweet thing to say. Although we are not always cheerful we feel very lucky and that helps fuel the happy part.

Standingcinema, you are very kind.

Thank you, Heather!

Elaina, Thank you! Speck is such an important member of our family. I hate that she won't be at the wedding but realize she'd be unhappy at a party of that size (or any size, lol) anyway so this was my compromise.

Tien, you are too sweet! Speck was named by her original owner after Pee Wee Herman's dog. But Speck is also a fitting name for a tiny being, like a spider. Re: the dress. It is hard to keep it under wraps because I never imagined I could love a dress so much but my mom suggested I do so and I think she's right. Come October it will definitely make an appearance on this blog. :)

robina said...

i love these so much. they totally warm my heart and capture YOU GUYS so much...all of your joy and love. they're awesome.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you, Robina! We miss you so much!

Sonya said...

Congratulations!!! I've been so slack -- I've been reading you, but forgetting to comment. So, here's my comment! (p.s. great dress and I mean to tell you every time, I ADORE your glasses. I think you're who influenced me into wanting clearish frames).

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks so much, Sonya! Clear frames are great because they are seriously universally flattering and they yield many compliments because they are somewhat unexpected. :)

sarah skelton said...

you guys are adorable.

Brianna said...

such cute pics! I've never seen a pic of Chris before, very handsome! I think we need a closeup of the ring ;)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Muzzleloader!

Brianna, I am so surprised you haven't seen Chris before! I swear I have posted photos of him on Fashionism and maybe on the blog. Thank you. I think he's handsome too, of course. :)

My ring can be seen in the engagement entry linked here.

Carole said...

These photos are just gorgeous!! All three of you are glowing.

Sharon said...

love these pictures!! you both are adorable and well matched :o)

Sharon said...

I'm sorry I meant to say you *three* are adorable and well matched! ;o)

erin said...

these pictures are so great! love them jess :)

(and i LOVE your hair all curled like that)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks so much Carole!

Thank you Sharon! We think we're a great match too.

Thanks Erin! My hair was set for a few minutes in hot rollers to make it a little more uniform than my natural wave but the cut makes it look nice all the time, imo. Thank you for being so talented at hair styling!

Allie said...

Ok wait, how did I miss this post?! You guys look beautiful!

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