May 26, 2010

More Off Fifth Info For Pittsburgh Area Shoppers: UPDATES and CORRECTIONS

ETA: The Pittsburgh Off Fifth at Tanger is not participating in the  company-wide BOGO or 40% off clearance deals in the photo below. :( 

In addition to the grand opening coupons I posted earlier, they are  doing an in-store mystery money promotion for those who sign up for the More+! card, this weekend. Mine was a measly $5 off which came out to less money off than 5% would have yielded. :( x2

Lastly, if you are signed up to be on the Saks mailing list, you might receive a 30% off any one item coupon in your postal mailbox. I got mine *after* I got home, yesterday. :( x3
Off Fifth is having a few Memorial Day Weekend Promotions. Above is info on in-store deals. Anyone from Pittsburgh going on opening day?


Anonymous said...

This is awesome news. Former Pittsburgher here who nearly cried the day that the Off 5th at Grove City closed. BTW, love your blog and sense of style!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks so much for your kind compliments! This new location is closer to my parents' house, so I plan to stop on the way home to see them, regularly.

I was thrilled when I heard about the Off Fifth moving in. I just hope it doesn't signal the demise of our downtown Saks as some have been predicting.


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