May 13, 2010

Trench Weather: Consumed by Lightweight Mid Length Jackets!

With the chill in the air and the May showers falling, I am grateful for the array of smart trenches of varying weights in my closet. The above black satin topper (similar here) is simple, very light, and with 3/4 length sleeves. It snaps closed and has a simple, feminine exterior silhouette. My mom bought it for me from Kohls. It is from the Simply Vera line.
This patent slicker by Burberry (similar here and here) was a great deal at the outlet I went to when I was visiting Ft. Lauderdale. The hood is removable and the gold metal buttons stand out from the black.
Though I only wear it in the rain, I've had plenty of chances to use it lately!
Anthropologie's Two Paths Trench by Idra has been all over my blog lately because I've been wearing it all over town!
This Shoshanna trench coat is knitted and super warm. The big gold buttons are shaped like half circles. What have you been wearing for the weather?


Carole said...

Wow, Jess, you have a lot of trenches!! I understand though because nothing is more chic than a trench IMO. All of these are extremely pretty and they look great on you. I think my favorites are the Simply Vera and the Shoshanna.


Anonymous said...

They all look great on you, but I like the Two Paths trench in particular.

I've only got one trenchcoat. Since I'm building up my wardrobe (following recent weight gain and style crisis) I decided this spring that I was going to get a trench as it's a classic piece. Since I'm rather busty I wanted one with single row of buttons on, rather than double, but even then I struggled to find a nice one that would actually button up over my chest! Luckily, I found one in the end - and on sale! But it was in a shop which I'd always considered was for frumpier, older ladies...But hey, it's a classic and I like it! Also, mine is machine washable - always a bonus!

SunnyDay said...

I don't live in a climate conducive to trench coats and yet I still want one! I bought the Two Paths, but in keeping with my response to your post on returns, I realized I wouldn't use it where I live and it would hang in my closet looking pretty. I took it back.

I'm with Carole, nothing looks more chic. I particularly like your Burberry.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Carole, I do have a lot because I've found you can layer under them and wear on colder fall days as well as in spring. Thank you for the compliment!

Little Miss Plump, I too sought single rows of buttons but when I was looking, it seemed especially difficult to find. So even though my bustiness should technically dictate that I avoid double breasted, I caved. I am glad you found a trench you like! Machine washable is great and I think savvy people can find treasures in unexpected places so I am glad you checked out that store even if you were skeptical.

Desert Flower, The climate here only fuels my coat addiction. But I do think you made the right choice in returning a beautiful but impractical jacket. It is too expensive to have for only vacations to cooler places. Thank you for reading!


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