May 12, 2010

Forwards and Backwards: Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

Other than the print, the thing I loved most about the Fragrant Valley dress from Anthropologie was its back detail. Specifically, the dramatic deep v and the fabric ties. But from where I stood, this also created a minor limitation.
I tend to only buy something if it has the potential to be seasonless. And I immediately worried that the deep v back neckline and the ties would appear bulky after layering a cardigan or jacket over top. That gave me the idea to try wearing it backwards. And it sort of works, but maybe you can give me some feedback.
The great thing about the ties is that they give the backwards worn dress a sailor look.  Here it is with a cardigan:
It is clear in my size 10 that the dress was cut to accommodate a bustline. This is a good thing because I need that accommodation. But, when I move it to the back, the darted bust has nothing filling it (and so the fabric ripples a bit). Does it look too silly or obvious?
Even if it does, I don't think it is a big deal since I will mostly wear it backwards when I want to layer over top. I also will not likely wear these particular patterned tights with it. But they were part of my OOTD so I left them on for ease of going back out in a bit.


Ashley said...

I think that dress is gorgeous, forward and backward! And I completely agree with what you said last - it doesn't matter if it bunches out a bit at the back, bc you'll always have a cardigan or something covering it. Anyways, beautiful colors in that dress, and it looks stunning on you!!


Rad said...

Awesome idea, turning a dress backwards. I've had more luck doing that with jersey knits but this works pretty well too. I actually dig the tights with the dress.

Brianna said...

I think it works well backwards as long as it's covered by a cardigan, great idea! The cardigan matches it perfectly too

Tien said...

I never though to turn it around! And Jess, that dress is a knockout on you! So GLAD you got it. Those colors really are your colors. I haven't seen anyone wear it as well as you do.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Ashley, thank you for the compliment! I think it works too especially with a cardigan.

Rad in Brooklyn, I usually do this with dresses that have interesting back details and side zippers since it can be pulled off so easily. But this is the first dress with a back zip that I have tried wearing backwards. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Brianna, I agree the cardigan makes it less noticeable. And I bought it knowing this shade of purple matched something I already had so that made the decision easier.

Tien, Thank you so much. You are too kind.

SunnyDay said...

What a great idea! Two dresses for the price of one. I really like it backwards with the cardigan.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Desert Flower!

Sharon said...

I love this dress and I also hesitated b/c of that back detailing! I always wear cardigans with my sleeveless dresses to make them more work appropriate (and so I don't show off arm chub). Love your idea Jess! That print is just gorgeous. You're making me want to go hunt one down now ;o)

Carole said...

tbh, I wouldn't have noticed that tiny bit of ripple at the back, if you hadn't mentioned it. I'm totally on board with wearing it backwards with a cardigan. The one you're wearing here is perfect with it. This is such a pretty dress.


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Sharon. I too am reluctant to show my arms so I usually don't grab sleeveless dresses but I loved the print on this and think my backwards solution will give me options.

Carole, that is good to know! I do worry it is more obvious in person but I think the cardigan will hide it well. Thanks so much for reading!


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