June 29, 2010

Anthropologie Review: Tiny Windows Dress (now on sale)

While in Chicago I stopped by an Anthropologie and tried on a few things. One of them was the Tiny Windows Dress. It is very charming in person. The swiss dot fabric was something I hadn't seen in the online representations. This is a size 8 and it pulled a little at my bust but was otherwise a little roomy. So size up for busty size down or normally otherwise. The length is a bit longer than the solid color Reed shirtdress length which is good for taller gals. But it isn't too long on those my height (5'3).  Definitely worth the reduced sale price in either of the color options! It would be adorable for a picnic or outdoor concert.

Although I am back I haven't had time to visit the new Anthropologie at Bakery Square. Have any Pittsburgh readers managed to check it out yet? I hope to go some time this week but things are so hectic right now with my writing schedule and wedding planning that it is difficult to fit in indulgences like shopping. I also want to go to Saks downtown to see the 60% off sale. Maybe this weekend?


Tien said...

I love this color on you. Are you picking it up? It's so cute, but something about it doesn't say Jess to me (hope that's okay to say).

Kim said...

I hope you get that dress - it looks awesome on you, and even though I agree with Tien, that it doesn't scream you, I bet you could "jess it up"! I left you a message on Twitter, but I am SO sorry I didn't catch you in Chicago - I was gone until 4pm that day - stuck in traffic hell :-(
I think I recognize that fitting room - did you visit the new Anthro on State in Block 37?

Heather said...

I ordered that dress this morning! Doing a second try by sizing up to a 12 as a 10 was still too tight in the bust when I tried it. It looks lovely on you!

Carole said...

Great color and I adore the sleeve treatment and swiss dot fabric.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

You'd better have gotten it, Jess. It looks so SO good on you!

SunnyDay said...

I like the fitted waist silhouette on you. I think I'm so used to seeing you in pattern, this soft color is very nice.

gee said...

wonderful color! it look amazing on you!!! xoxox

Cat said...

This dress is really flattering on you! Your waist is teeny tiny!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, it is absolutely ok to say! And I agree with you. It isn't me so I passed on it. Even if the shape is alright, the color is something I could see giving me pause (as I am perpetually covered in coffee stains and bumping into dirty things or choosing to garden when I get home from something that has me dressed up fancy still. haha

Kim, thanks so much for the vote of confidence. If it had been on sale when I tried it on I might have bit. It is an anthro in the loop that wasn't there when I visited in November. Is that the one you mean? I totally understand and am sorry to hear about traffic. From what I understand things downtown were pretty insane because of Taste of Chicago. I will be back and we can meet then! xo

Heather, The bust is indeed kind of snug on this one. I hope the new size works out! It is a really beautiful dress.

Carole, the swiss dot fabric was a total surprise for me! It really makes the dress special.

A stylized hysteria, thanks so much! I did pass on it but you are very kind to compliment.

Desert Flower, I should wear this style more often because it accentuates the waist. But I also love sack dresses because they're so easy and unrestrictive. I am such a pattern person that I sort of don't know how to wear a light solid.

Gee, thanks so much!!

Cat, you are too kind!

Kim said...

Jess - yep, the Taste was going on last weekend and it was horrible!
Yep, that's the new Anthro at Block 37! I worked there in January helping set it up!

elaina! said...

Okay, I finally made it to the Bakery Sq. Anthro. I had a sort of weird experience, which I will tell you about in person because it's kind of a long story. Let's go to the pool/take a walk this weekend?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kim, I wasn't sure if that was the store or not. It is so nice! Taste was too crowded for my um... taste. I retreated to Summer Dance pretty quickly.

Elaina, I am intrigued! Definitely into a pool hang or walk hang this weekend. I am free on Saturday afternoon if that works for you.


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