June 01, 2010

Off Fifth Review: What I Bought

We arrived a little late but my friend Erin was one of the first ones in and reported that at opening, there were Chanel bags and $70-some dollar pairs of Louboutins. By the time I got there, the store was bustling with people, even though the parking lot didn't make it seem busy. I went right to clothes and found the things I blogged below to try on. After that I looked at the shoes that were in a clearance type section (but weren't an additional 40% off, sadly). They had tons of bufalo cabachon miu miu flats in all colors but for more than double what I've seen them go for on ebay. They had a few pairs of chanel pumps with pointy toes in small sizes and for high prices. And no cheap Loubs to be found. I guess those were snatched up early.

I did find a few pairs of Ferragamo flats, including Varinas. These run small and narrow on my feet so I was unable to squeeze into the orange size 7s. But I did get them in blood red.
After coupons they ended up being about 75% off.

I noticed there was no women's intimates section. But the sunglasses selection was humongous. They also had an ample portion of the store dedicated to fine jewelry and watches. While I was in line to pay, I noticed a woman who hadn't passed over the large bag section. She was buying a ChloƩ Paraty in size medium for over 65% off retail after coupons. Although that was still too rich for my blood, she found a bargain on this very coveted bag.

The men's section was impressive and they carried contemporary and high end brands you would be unlikely to find in the downtown Saks store. Overall, I thought the store was a great addition to the shopping landscape in the tri-county area. The workers seemed only slightly overwhelmed for an opening day. The service I received was courteous and attentive. And when I got home I found a 30% off one item coupon in my mail, so I guess I will have an excuse to go back in a few weeks to see what is new. I just hope this Off Fifth doesn't become a carrot to soften the blow of the company deciding to close our downtown department store. At least for now it seems like the downtown store is safe.


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Oh my gosh, those shoes! They are gorgeous (and Speck is too cute). I am envious of the gal who found that bag!

Anjali said...

Ooh, those Ferragamos are fabulous! Love the color. I just bought a pair on eBay myself last week (Veras) and I adore them.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.


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