July 06, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews

After visiting the new Bakery Square Anthropologie, I was excited to find a few more pieces than what I included in the store report on Effortless Anthropologie. Though I've wishlisted the Dagmar Shirtdress and noticed the High Seas Dress was marked down this morning, I find myself wanting even more a few of these lesser hyped separates.
The Simply Inviting Chemise by Eloise is so charming. Maybe it is because I came of age in the 90's when everyone from the riot girl scene to Courtney Love wore slips as dresses but I think shorter gals could wear this to plenty of non-bedroom spots. It has an all over print of antique keys. I am wearing a medium. It is true  to size with elastic at the waist at at the bust.
Particularly with tights and a cardigan for fall, I am planning on executing a daytime look with this nighttime slip! It is on my wishlist. Maybe I will mix a printed cardigan like La Dominante shown above.
This is also a size medium. I think I could have sized up to a large so that it wasn't so snug and body conscious. I adore the rustic countryside landscape print and think it will be perfect for fall.
The Mossy Atoms skirt is very cute and Bakery Square had a bunch in all sizes for anyone searching. I tried on a medium which was a bit too big. The price is pretty high too. In the dress range but standard for Corey Lynn Calter, I guess. So I will be passing until a big sale. The color is gorgeous in person!

BTW, there was a pretty big list of markdowns today and you can read about it on Effortless Anthropologie or Anthroholic. Lastly, there is a giveaway over at Fashionable Academics! Don't forget to enter!


Ady Grafovna said...

I remember fighting with my mom all the time about trying to leave the house in a slipdress! Ah, the memories! :)

triciathomas said...

I am drawn to the mossy atoms skirt and you are making me want it even more!!! I also love the La Dominante cardi!

Tippy said...

I love that chemise and keep wishing it wasn't a satiny material so that I could actually wear it out as a dress...I suppose I could but I'm not quite gutsy enough. It's so cute though!!

Tien said...

I love the chemise as a dress! I'd layer it over a lacy slip I have, so it peeks out on top and at the bottom. Looks great on you.

Ann Underfunded Humanity said...

That cardigan looks fantastic with both the dress and the skirt! I'm totally into the slip dress as well--didn't even think it looked bedroom-ish.

Cat said...

I love a good slip dress myself and this one is fabulous! It's my fave of the three pieces!

SunnyDay said...

I am in love with that cardigan on you. Thanks for trying it on in the heat! Cardigans are the furthest thing from my mind right now but conversely I'm already starting to think about fall clothes.


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