July 02, 2010

Forever in Peace May You Wave: Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

I am of the opinion that being patriotic in America includes having high standards for your country, and believing fiercely in the tenets of democracy (small d). This applies even when that small d-democracy is at odds with some of the less desirable components resultant through an economic adherence to free market capitalism. My critical academic background makes me a bit hesitant to flag-wave without caveats and acknowledgments of the global privileges experienced by so many who reside within and are citizens of the United States.
But my dissertation and broader research project are examinations of recruitment, retention, and advertising in the volunteer-era of the American military, putting me in contact with many visual and rhetorical texts that posit America and its history without complication or critique. Despite my critical sensibilities, hours of such intimate archival contact with these materials have sunk in just enough to make me something of a koolaid drinker on the Fourth. Besides, who doesn't love picnics and grilled food? Who doesn't love the chance to wear with sincerity (and without provoking raised eyebrows from onlookers) the combination of red, white, and blue (or in the above example, reddish orange, navy, and ivory)?
Marc by Marc Jacobs trompe l'oeil Ramsey Cardigan in Normandy Blue
Reed Shirtdress from Anthropologie (similar here)
Chie Mihara tstrap pumps (similar here and here)
What will you be wearing this weekend?


Jessica said...

I love your outfit! I hope you have a great weekend!

Rad said...

Love the cardigan. And I agree with your commentary. Patriotism can include criticism, and it is a far cry from nationalism. Your diss sounds fascinating, btw. I'm sure that you won't have problems getting it published.

gee said...

i love it! i love red and blue together anyday of the week!! xoxo

Michelle said...

Your outfit is beautiful. I love it.

Amblus said...

Love the commentary and the outfit. AND THE SHOES.

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

Smart words to accompany a smart ensemble.

Tippy said...

What a perfect outfit for this holiday weekend! I love that it has a vintage feel to it too and very classic!

Kathleen said...

Patriotism should *definitely* include criticism. I'm not sure that economic woes have stemmed from an adherence to free market capitalism so much as deviation from it via government subsidies for corporations (which is *not* a free-market principle). But we undoubtedly would have to talk more and/or agree to disagree on that one. :-)

Dorky Medievalist said...

This is a great ensemble, just complex enough for a shot of patriotism. It was Canada Day here yesterday and I, quite accidentally, wore a red and white t-shirt, which made me feel kind of like a dork in public. I'm not a great patriot with the clothing, I must admit, though I think America is a little more exuberant on July 4 than are Canadians on July 1.

So, Happy 4th!

BTW, your work sounds really fascinating.

And I love your shoes.

triciathomas said...

You totally own that look!!!! So fab! I love what you wrote and said! Have a wonderful weekend!

tm said...

American "patriotism," whatever it is, has become such a mangled concept over the last decade. It'd be great to get rid of empty signifiers like flag pins, for one. Not to mention we are a nation full of sell-entitled, lazy idiots. Such as the Iraq.

A rather misanthropic + academic form of patriotism is visited upon me this time of year. :P

Tien said...

This outfit is appropriate for any time! I love the Fourth of July, despite my reservations and hesitations at patriotism (at least, blindly). The photo of you saluting is classic.

Have a fantastic and great weekend!

Ady Grafovna said...

Fantastic outfit! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


-sarah s

Anonymous said...

The less desirable components of the economy are 'resultant' (is that even a word?) of an over reaching, interfering government, not an adherence to free market capitalism.


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Jessica, thank you! Same to you!

Rad, I hope you are right re: the diss.

Gee, I love the colors together too.

Michelle, thanks so much!

Amblus, you are too kind!

A-dubs, thank you!

Tres, I thought it had a very vintage feel too. I hope it doesn't look costumey though.

Dorky, nationalism in the US is definitely a different beast (at least from my perspective).

Tricia, you are so sweet! same to you!

Tasty, I imagine we agree on most things but I disagree on your points about most Americans. If anything I think the messages about civic participation have evolved to discourage active, engaged political participation and abandon it in favor of a consumer relationship with the patriotic where instead of going to a rally we buy flag pins and t-shirts for the sake of driving the economy. That bums me out for sure. But I don't think it is the fault of any individual or groups of citizenry so much as the systemic evolution of how citizenship has been defined via various institutions with power to assert definitions.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, Thank you so much! Same to you!

Ady, I hope you have a great weekend as well!

Sarah S, thanks!

Kathleen and Missy, to be clear, I am not really referencing the recent economic woes when I use the word economic. I am referring to the ways in which a democratic system of governance doesn't necessarily correspond perfectly with policy-making under capitalism. That idea extends to the ways in which a variety of policies are established including environmental policies, foreign policies, social welfare infrastructural reforms and cuts, moves toward privitization, and more.

Missy, obviously we disagree re: the size of government and the perceived "problem" created through that (I specified being interested in the tenets of small d-democracy above to make clear my own position) but I assure you that "resultant" is indeed a word. Thanks for reading!

Sahiti said...

I love this outfit! So perfect!


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