August 09, 2010

White Linen Dress for a 50th Anniversary Party

I wore this See by Chloé dress to my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. I remembered vividly their 25th anniversary party. I was only 5 but I know from photos that I wore a plaid peter pan collared dress with a white apron type bib layer and white tights. I didn't mean to evoke the same color palette for their 50th but it happened coincidentally. It was great to visit with family that I usually only see at Christmas! And as we reminisced about previous family gatherings, I became even more excited to host my own this fall.

For those of you who wear linen, what do you do to keep it looking fresh? I immediately soaked and spot cleaned my dress when I got home because I want the white to remain as bright as it is. But I am uncertain about how to handle the wrinkling. These photos were snapped at the end of the day, when it was as wrinkled as it could be.

Outfit notes:
See by Chloé dress from Saks sale (summer 2009) (available via yoox here or on ebay for far less and only a little more than the sale price).  
I paired it with:
Simple Marc by Marc Jacobs pewter pumps (bought in major sale from Footloose) (similar here or here)
Marc Jacobs quilted Blake (via a trade on The Purse Forum) (similar here or here)
Swatch Watch
Linea Pelle double wrap leather bracelet


erin said...

this dress is so great! i'm terrible with linen and ironing, so no advice there, unfortunately :/

Jules said...

I think you just have to accept that wrinkles are part of the linen look!

joelle van dyne said...

i only wish i had a good solution for linen! i wonder if starch would help... but i have no idea since i don't own starch OR a working iron. anyway the dress is really pretty, wrinkles and all.

gee said...

wow. 50years how wonderful!!! i love this dress. i do not have a good solution for linen...wrinkles drive me insane..but if i had this dress..i would deal with the wrinkles..haha! xoxo

Tien said...

Unfortunately, linen just wrinkles. Do you carry a tidestick in your bag? Those things have saved so many of my white pieces. Another way to keep whites their brightest, without use of bleach, is to boil with lemon.

Happy anniversary to your uncle and aunt! 50 is a big one!

SunnyDay said...

Joelle is onto something there. I wash my linen items in cool water and then I press them with a little bit of spray starch when they are still damp. The item dries as you iron it. It doesn't prevent every wrinkle but it definitely helps it to maintain shape and look good longer. The wrinkles don't seem to "set" as well.

I really like this on you. And I can't believe how long your hair is! So pretty from the back.

Sabina said...

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Sonya said...

Pretty much what the others said! I used to hate linen and refused to wear it because of the wrinkles. Now, I just accept it. I make sure I iron every linen item, but practically as soon as it's on the body it wrinkles. Very frustrating! But it's so breezy and cool in hot weather. Grr.


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