September 24, 2010

Another Anthro Mystery Item: Ruffle Skirt

This tiered ruffle skirt by Girls from Savoy is still not up on the website for some reason but it has been in my store for weeks. It is a stretchy knit wool material, unlined, with a pull on waistband. It is sized s/m/l. I tried on a medium and it was definitely too snug. I should have sized up to the large and I would if I was going to buy it. I like the ruffle details but I already have dresses similar to this skirt.

The multi-neutral colored ruffles reminded me a bit of this Marc by Marc Jacobs Dita dress from a few seasons back. I have long coveted the taupe/gold version seen here on Blair Waldorf.

I have the plain black one:

(photo taken while I was teaching in Feb. 2009)

The Anthro skirt's ruffles also brought to mind this other Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from a while back. The skirt is really cute and versatile but because I feel like I already have similar pieces I have no interest in it.

 (photo from 2008)

What do you think? Will you wishlist this one once it is on the website? For another perspective on fit and quality, you can see Kim from Anthroholic's review here.


triciathomas said...

I love that skirt but did not see it at my store!

M. (formerly known as Shakespeare's Feminine Ending) said...

If I may, what size do you wear in Marc by Marc Jacobs? I'm coveting that dress and am going to start Ebay stalking it.

Kim said...

Thanks for the link love Jess! I appreciate it.
I think the skirt looks fantastic on you - I just love it!
It's all over stores here, and still yet to pop up online - wonder if it will?
I'm so glad you pointed out that it reminds you of that first MJ dress Blair is wearing - I too have long coveted that dress and now I love my new skirt even more ;-)

Carole said...

I like it, Jess. I may have to hit my local store to check it out.

robina said...


I definitely like that one. Perhaps it will be within reach before interviews, assuming I have any.

Tippy said...

i love marc by marc jacobs! that dress on blair is so cute and looks great on you! if i see the skirt in stores i'll try it on, it's cute! (although i probably have one too many ruffles in my closet...)

Lori said...

I love your Marc Jacobs pieces! Lady, you are one fashionable teacher! I like your mj pieces much more than the anthro skirt actually.

Pamela said...

I agree with Lori, your MJ pieces are a lot cuter than the Anthro skirt. don't get me wrong, I think the anthro skirt is adorable and tried it on myself and was tempted to buy it, but if I had those two MJ pieces you have, the skirt would stay behind! You have an awesome wardrobe and I love that you are sharing it with us (virtually of course!)

Anonymous said...

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