September 27, 2010

Bikes and Maps and an office tour

This weekend was full of Bachelor/Bachelorette Party and wedding prep fun. Thus things fell quiet on the blog. Here is a quick outfit update from Friday (when it was like 90 degrees...ugh! It might sound ungrateful to summer, but I am so ready for fall). I decided long ago to treat the Cartography map print Cardigan like a neutral, despite its print. And I think it looks quite nice with the muted washed navy of the Two-Wheeler shirtdress. I wore it to work and it was a big hit. I'm still trying to figure out how to leave my tripod at home but snap clear, acceptable photos in my office. Anyway, I paired these pieces with a Linea Pelle belt, Burberry jeweled flats, and my Jenny Yuen Gatsby bag, which has become my go-to work bag. It is big, professional enough, understated, lacking in branded fodder/logos, and neutral in color. It made an excellent birthday present from Chris last April and I am thrilled with its usability.

You can see some bonus office decor, in the above shot so I figured I would share the things I've done to make my work space feel more me.

Here you can see one of my shelves. I used some throw-away posters I found in the basement of the basement of the Smithsonian (aka, where my very prestigious predoc fellow office was located during the remodel) to add color. They were from jazz festivals of years previous. I found a pretty feather-filled pillow at Tuesday Morning that matched the purple of the chairs. And I got the rug (which you can see in the first photo) at TJ Maxx. Although my book shelves are currently somewhat sparse, they will be filled further when/if I decide to bring more of my stuff to work.

My desk is a little messy but before I began this job, my mom bought for me a number of pretty metal organizers that keep everything in place. So the mess here is misleading. It is typically quite ordered. I don't have close up photos of the items, sadly. But they were a great gift! You also can see my humongous Dell laptop. I'm a Mac gal so using this machine has been quite the adjustment.  But I am glad to have something new and portable to supplement my Macbook! I hung above my desk some framed prints from Paris. I bought them in Montmartre. On the far right hangs an excerpt from an older map of Pittsburgh (specifically, my neighborhood). Hung kind of crudly with sticky tack, are some more finds from the Smithsonian. These were from the Archives Center where I spent the bulk of my predoc research time. They're all advertising history pamphlets for various iconic American brands.  Lastly, you will see that I  brought a lamp from home because the lighting in an office can be so garish. I should have turned it on for this photo!

This is my new friend who chirps outside my window, at least until winter. He is nicknamed Dr. Chippy, to remind me that although I have a job I like, I need to finish my degree/dissertation asap. If Dr. Chippy can do it, so can I. Thanks for reading!


What Lou Wore 365 said...

Wow, do you have that whole office to yourself Jess?! It looks like a home from home, how nice to be able to add your own touches to your work space.

SunnyDay said...

I love what you've done with your space. The pillow on the chair and the poster are great pops of color. Office furniture can be so bland! Your outfit is great, you are so good at mixing prints. I am in love with Dr. Chippy.

gee said...

you are so beautiful. :)
you office looks wonderful.
i loooove those Jazz posters.
have a wonderful week love.

Raquelita said...

Yay for the Two Wheeler dress! I really wish I'd purchased mine in a smaller size because now that I've lost a few pounds it is a pup tent.

You have done a much better job of decorating your office than I have. My job isn't tenure track so it seems a little pointless for me to bring too much stuff in. However, I do spend a lot of time there, so I've been trying to give it a few more inspirational touches lately.

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

I love your mix of patterns and neutrals in this outfit. It looks wonderful.

But woman, I am envious of your excellent office space. When I move to a space with a window in Dec/Jan, I'll be scrolling back to check out your decorating ideas!

Anjali said...

Your office is so quirky and wonderfully decorated Jess! Thank you for showing us a peek inside of it.

(And using the Cartography Card is a neutral is awesome! Totally works.)

chris said...

There's my Chippy!

robina said...

so excited to see your office!

triciathomas said...

I love how you have decorated your office with some 'you' items!!! the two-wheeler and cartography are genius together!

Lori said...

I love the cartography with the two-wheeler dress! It's like your outfit is saying you should/could bike across the worllllld!

Sharon said...

love your office. I call all chipmunks "chippy" too :o)

Anonymous said...

I always read your blog but this was a fun peek into your life :) The chipmunk is so cute and you've done a great job making an impersonal space feel more comfortable!

Anonymous said...

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