November 11, 2010

So nice I bought it twice: Bold Boutonnière Dress

I felt like I hit the lottery when I found a poorly titled ebay auction for the black colorway of the popular summer/fall 2009 Bold Boutonnière dress from Anthropologie. The seller graciously accepted my request for a BIN and the dress came soon after. It is telling that I am more excited to find past season pieces (even when I already own versions of them) than the stuff that is just going on sale now for fall 2010. Anyway, I wore this dress yesterday to campus. It yielded many compliments as the Bold Boutonnière often does. I kept my cardigan on all day but hope to wear it as shown on the left to a holiday party or two. The skirt's stripes remind me of gift wrapping so it seems fitting. Over top of it, I wore a cashmere cardigan by Aqua and when outside, my Larrimor's Burberry find.


Anonymous said...

I recently bought this dress on eBay too but it is tight in the bust and is giving me the undesirable "pancake boob". What a shame because it looks good everywhere else.

triciathomas said...

I love that dress and wish I had gotten it! I think I will need to hit up eBay to find one!

gee said...

love love love the dress.
you are amazing at ebay...i am a complete fail when it comes to finding

erin said...

congrats on a good deal! i love this dress and was sad that it looked shit on me when i tried it on :/ it looks amazing on you as does the other colorway!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Crys, I'm sorry to hear that! Is it an issue that can be fixed with shapewear or a different undergarment? I'm sure you could resell on ebay or in the trade market at effortless anthropologie but if you love it I hope you can make it work somehow!

Tricia, thank you so much! They pop up on ebay pretty regularly.

Gee, I have a lot of saved searches and use my ebay and a snipe service so that a lot of it is automated. But thank you! I am sure you can do similar stuff if you know what you are looking for.

Erin, thanks so much! I am surprised that it didn't look nice on you too! I bet it did.


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