January 13, 2011

A Little Green OOTD

Checkers dress
Calvin Klein wrap
Hue tights
Steven by Steve Madden boots
Vintage Necklace

I've talked about my tendency to dress monogamously (which is really just a gentler way of proclaiming my secret dirtbaggery and affection for repeats) and I hope this particular reiteration of the green dress from Brazil isn't too terribly dull/soon. I had a stockpile of backlogged outfits this time last month and I managed to burn through most of them. So this is what you get. I wore this to campus yesterday. The commute was a little trecherous in both directions because of the snowstorm. But I was comfy and warm all day in my new gothic ninja drapey cardigan thing by Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx (if only I could afford/justify a legit Rick Owens number... ).


thatdamngreendress said...

ha! happy to see any number of iterations with green dresses- especially with accessories like a 'gothic ninja drapey cardigan thing.' well said.

Laura said...

I have not seen it. So nothing dull here. I'm just trying to get a closer look at your gorgeous necklace.

Unknown said...

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joelle van dyne said...

heh, i will keep my eyes peeled for more RO next time i'm in ohio for you! but i do love this ck drapey sweater, as well as the green dress. and there is no such thing as re-wearing a piece too soon, imo. but then again i don't believe in dirtiness or germs, so...

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

thatdamngreendress, I knew that you would appreciate this as a fellow green dress lover. :)

Laura, thank you! It was something I found in an antique shop a few blocks from where I grew up. Just a bargain bin costume jewelry teardrop pearl piece. I will post a closeup next time I wear it. Thanks for reading!

Missy, Thank you for the info!

Joelle, I know my drapey cardi is nothing like the incredible luxe of actual Rick but it made me think of your fantastic find. You have the best luck! I can't even believe you unearthed something like that in Ohio. Not that I don't think stylish people exist all over but it is just incredible that such a place exists and prices things so reasonably! I love your new blog too, btw!


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