January 31, 2011

Profesh Outfit of the Day

DVF Bilboa (wool dress)
J. Crew cami
Hue tights
Rosegold Liz booties
Necklace from Chris

I wore this on a day that I *thought* I was supposed to have a big meeting. It is my version of "professional" but it is still kind of... not. It isn't the skirt suit, anyway. To me, minimizing (though not eliminating) prints is "professional." And cleavage is decidedly not "professional" so I layered a printed silk camisole from J. Crew to offer a pop of visual interest and cover up any excessive decolletage. I think it worked great but it was still a professional failure because I checked my calendar again and realized the meeting was the following day. Oh well!

You can see the cute tiny heart print of the silk cami, along with some detail shoes of the jewelry here.


goldenmeans said...

Wow, this dress is classy and definitely teaching appropriate, and yet incredibly chic and flattering at the same time. You look great Jess!!

Triciathomas said...

Very pretty and professional!! I love the picture with you at the blackboard in your element! Too bad about dressing on the wrong day I do stuff like that all the time!

Raquelita said...

What a great dress! I love the hint of print.

Out of curiosity, do your students or colleagues know about your blog? I'm very hesitant to snap photos in classrooms or my office. I'd prefer not to give anyone a reason to think I'm not using my time on campus for teaching, research, and service.

Carly said...

Lovely dress, Jess! You look great :)

brittneynsmart said...

i love that cami! the hearts are adorable and perfect with the rest of the ensemble. what a fabulous look. sorry about your meeting mixup... did you find something profesh for tomorrow? :)

JewishGirl said...

You look fabulous! And now you get to wear *two* professional outfits this week. :-)

joelle van dyne said...

i love the way you layered the print under the cowl neck! i would've never thought to do that, but am going to try it for a business trip i have this week. it looks great. www.joellevandyne.com


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