February 28, 2011

What I Wore to Napa

Once the weather cleared up Chris and I decided to drive north with his mom to Napa. We really only had the stamina for two wineries so we went to Beringer (old school, super big, reasonably priced, now super corporate style winery owned by Foster's) and Stag's Leap (smaller, fancy, more prestigious, and a little too expensive).

We loved the Stag's Leap one and ended up getting a few bottles which meant we had to tack a $25 checked baggage fee on top of the cost. BUT I am happy to have some nice bottles to save for a special occasion.

I wore a MBMJ pique wool polo dress from 2007ish? In my head it made sense to wear burgundy since I knew I would be drinking wine. That's sort of embarrassing to admit but drinking and walking around unfamiliar places is my recipe for stains.

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Steph said...

If you ever visit Sonoma County I would highly recommend Preston Vineyards, it's a winery and farm which offers more than just superb wine.

Off the subject: I know the name of the Lauren Moffatt skirt you own- I own it myself thanks, in part, to you. I saw you wearing it in a post and became obsessed with the skirt and just had to have it- luckily I found one on ebay!

The skirt is from March 2008 and it's called 'Gilded Hive Mini'.


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