March 05, 2011

Recent Wants: Blues and Grays

Although I feel like my closet is amply stocked, that consumerist urge continues to nag. Recently (because my dress collection is reaching embarrassing proportions) I have tried to focus more on building a working collection of separates.  I tracked down some cute silk tops from sales at J. Crew and Off Fifth. I already had plenty of cardigans to pair with them but I don't have any cute blazers in  navy, gray, or brown. I have the Alma Mater Jacket from Anthropologie and a black boyfriend jacket from the Limited that are both great for pairing with warm tones. But I want a jacket that will work well with cooler tones. I like these:

I also realized that I don't have many items that go well with patterned cardigans. For example, I have had trouble finding ways to wear my Trompe L'oeil cardigan from MBMJ.

Specifically, it would be great to find a flouncy grey or navy skirt. The skirts I have are mostly printed or black. I like these ones:

One of the limitations of being so print-obsessed is that I forget to track down strong but simple staples. Maybe gravitating toward a few quieter pieces will make the professional wardrobe task simpler?


Maggie May said...

OMG, I just bought that sweater by Forever 21. It occurred to me that it was likely a copy of something but I had no idea what.......aargh, I don't like to do that.....

miss.studious said...

I am on a same mission. I think jackets are always good option to make any outfit looks more conservative, especially on print dresses. I tried on anthro navy jacket in the picture. It was a bit roomy for me but it has a good fit.

Marianne Canada said...

Ooh, I can relate to this. I've been making changes in my style and it's showing me some gaping holes in my wardrobe.

Carly - strawberryheelsforever said...

Funny you should do a post on this, as that's what I was thinking about and shopping for this very weekend. I went to Gap and bought some neutrals that will work wonders in a print-heavy wardrobe. I bought some neutral blouses and cardigans, and also found a few skirts to pair with printed cardigans that I never seem to have anything to wear with. I also realized I need a lot more COLOUR in my wardrobe! I keep buying things in blush, ivory, or pastels, but I'm so fair that I think rich jewel tones would work wonders for me. I need to make a list and stick to it, and not get sidetracked by lovely printed dresses!


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