April 17, 2011

Ancient Myths Maxi skirt review

I loved the print and the finish of the easy, saturated Ancient Myths maxi skirt. The elastic waist made me think it would be perfect for a beach vacation, easily thrown over a bathing suit as a dress or a skirt. I only tried it as a skirt. I grabbed my regular size 8 and that was a fine fit. The length was alright on me (I am 5'3) but would probably be too short on taller gals (as I didn't try the petite length). I did hike it up to wear at my natural waist so it could be longer if worn lower. It has pockets and is fully lined with a similarly airy cotton fabric. At $88 I think it is a little high in price for something you could likely find for cheap from a street vendor in any urban metropolis, but the print of the fabric is very lovely and unique. Personally, I will wait for a sale and revisit. I don't know if I can pull off the maxi trend, as much as I adore seeing it on a range of body types.


Dana said...

I love this print! I agree it would make a wicked vacation buy to wear as a skirt or dress. I love that about maxi skirts! I really like it on you! It's really different from the norm for you, but honestly, you look really good in it!

thatdamngreendress said...

pretty! hey, part of that print is the same as the waistband of the amhara skirt

Terri said...

what kind of shoes were you wearing when you tried it on? I agree that the print IS beautiful.

Thirteenlbs said...

You must get this. And so will I. 5'3 women in maxis unite.

Seriously- this is such a great look for you.

13Pounds said...

Hey, Jess...I bought this skirt because of this review! I linked back to you.



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