April 25, 2011

Campus Chloé

Chloé "Van Gogh" dress
Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt
Hue tights
Forever 21 belt
Purple leather studded cuff

It was still slightly too chilly for bare arms and legs when I taught last week. So I decided to bring out dresses I associate with spring but that can be easily layered. First up was this Chloé dress (blogged here and here). The cap sleeves are cute but inappropriate when I factor in my comfort zone of skin exposure while teaching. When I wore this last fall (which I guess I never photographed or blogged since I can't find it in the archives), I layered it under a cardigan for campus. This time I tried layering a longer sleeved top underneath so that the dress itself could still be the focal point. Don't ask what my hair was doing as the critical mass of humidity and rain have really taken a toll on its ability to cooperate.


Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

I LOVE the print on that dress! Great job with the layering!

respect_the_shoes said...

I think your hair looks pretty good - you don't want to get me started on My bad hair days, haha!


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