April 19, 2011

Eating my words re: "inspired" pieces

For my birthday Chris got me many cute things. One of those things happened to be a cute bracelet that looked suspiciously like the Hermes Collier de Chien cuff. I feel sort of guilty about directing him to the independent jeweler who sold it. Especially because I try to avoid blatantly "inspired" items (as discussed here). But it is purple leather (not a color offered by Hermes), very obviously not trying to be Hermes (i.e. it doesn't say "Hernes" or anything else knock-off-y, plus it lacks an additional set of studded hardware featured on the real deal), the clasp is quite different, and this one is pretty in its own right. The real deal:

What do you think? If someone makes an "inspired" item do you avoid at all costs? Does it change if you would never be willing to spend the large sum of cash required to get the real deal (even if you had it)? Does it matter if the person selling the inspired piece is independent versus mass market? Do you think I am a hypocrite? It is ok if the answer is yes! I will still wear the bracelet. :) After all, I still wear Anthropologie's Burberry knock off, the Two Paths trench!

ETA: In the comments you will find the link to the website where it was purchased. It looks like the site is sold out but maybe they will restock? I also know that Target has a CdC-like bracelet right now but I haven't seen it in person. 


Kate Nyland said...

Not only is it okay to wear it, I demand you tell me where he got it! I love it. (And now that you mention it, yes, I think my opinion is influenced by the fact that the piece is made by an independent artisan and not, like, Forever 21!)

Desert Flower said...

I got that one, too and have already worn it quite a bit :)

It's inspired by, not exactly the same. No one would every be confused and think it is Hermes, it's definitely different enough. Also, Hermes didn't come up with the idea of dog collar as accessory. Lots of creative punk and goth kids did that, Hermes just made it pretty, slapped a big price tag on it and named it in French. They were inspired themselves by what they saw on the street.

Thirteenlbs said...

I like it. Sometimes we don't even KNOW that things are "inspired by," i.e., the two paths trench for me. I try to look for quality stuff that's interesting, and consider the "label" later. I think you did good!

joelle van dyne said...

dang this is the most timely post ever. i struggle with the same question sometimes. i'm always annoyed if there is a cheaper KO of something i've saved for for ages... but then when the KO benefits me, i'm tempted! (by the by, i'm using 'KO' loosely here, to mean 'inspired by'.) i've been contemplating a pair of glittery low-heeled wedges from miu miu, always concluding they're too spendy for something so specific; and, lo and behold, jcrew has come out with a very 'inspired by' shoe for less than 1/2 the price. i've been going back and forth for days.

i think in general, if the item isn't sporting the brand name of the original designer, it is still okay. but i'm much more likely to buy it if the inspired-by piece puts its own little spin on the item- like in this case, the fun purple color.


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