April 20, 2011

Monogamous Dress-ing

Precious Metals cardigan (Anthro)
MBMJ pumps
vintage necklaces
Betsey Johnson studded gold watch

Although I wore my Kate Spade fangirl outfit just last Thursday (blogged Saturday), I only ran into a few people from work. None of those people were my students (who probably have the longest chance to take a gander at what I'm wearing). So I rationalized that a quick repeat was in order. I did pair it with some different pieces (a cardigan, pumps, and jewelry). But I was glad to get more wear out of my new dress.
 Kate Spade larabee dot satchel

I also carried my newspaper print tote for its maiden voyage!

The classified ads of the newsprint read like a lifestyle manual / stereotype checklist for preppy/yuppie WASPs from New England. I am not quite any of those so I find it especially amusing to read.


Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

I love this outfit!! That cardi is the perfect mix of style to set off a beautiful dress!

joelle van dyne said...

the dress is so adorable! and i love how this outfit incorporates a graphic floral print with the graphic bow on the sweater. now i'm regretting not checking out the KS sale.

overcaffeinated said...

I love it. It is whimsical without being too frou frou thanks to the b&w colour palate. I spy the Two Paths trench behind you. If there was ever a closet I wanted to raid... yours would be it! :)

gee said...

oh kate spade..she makes everything so lovely.
now, i just need to win the lottery and i can own everything she makes.. :P
love this outfit..i love that you paired the bow cardigan with this dress!

Dana said...

Love this outfit. I really love the tote. So so so so much. It's hilariously adorable.

Terri said...

I love the newspaper bag!


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