April 29, 2011

McQueen and SLEEVES!

The biggest winners today. I realize sleeves were requisite for Westminster Abbey. Still I am excited to see such a timeless look on such a high profile bride. I love it even though many seem disappointed.

As the hilarious blog, Kate Middleton FTW says:


tasty moog said...

loved it. yay, sleeves! were there really people who thought she wouldn't? no way she could go strapless in westminster abbey! a nod to grace kelly's iconic look, but still clean and modern. ivanka trump's dress doesn't come close.

gee said...

kate looked beautiful. i L O V E grace's dress so much.
have a wonderful weekend.

Kelly said...

Totally disappointed. Why go with a designer that's head of a fashion house known for unique, glamorous pieces and then ask her to design a rip-off of Grace Kelly's dress? I liked Pippa's modern silhouette a lot better than Kate's old-fashioned one.

Cynthia said...

I like sleeves on wedding dresses, generally. I've seen so much ill-fitting pinchy strapless on friends over the years. Not that I'm likely to need one at this point, but if I did this would be a great dress to imitate. Kate FTW indeed.

Kelly said...

That being said, she still did look gorgeous and her make up was really spectacular :)

Tien said...

I love it! She looks smashing. I also love all the crazy, funky hats everyone is wearing. I know they probably look odd to some, but I think they are so freaking fantastic!


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