May 04, 2011

No confetti celebrations for me

Last week when J. Crew put the Confetti dress and sweater on sale with an additional 30% off coupon, I jumped to order both. I figured I would keep whichever one I liked best and return the other. They arrived quickly. But when I tried them on I felt pretty ambivalent about both. Once I discovered that my car needed an unexpected repair, it was easy to decide to make the returns. This way I didn't need to dip too far into my emergency funds to cover my mechanic's fee. I figured I would offer my thoughts on the pieces even if I didn't keep them. First up is the dress:

I actually liked the dress the best! I ordered a large because snug sweaterdresses are more va-va-voom than is practical for my daily life. And ivory ones just become sheer when stretched. The large was a bit short once I got my adult woman body into it. And I'm only 5'3. I tried to take a side shot but the flash didn't go off. You can see how even the large is a bit snug on me.

Some general comments: The merino wool was very soft but in ivory it became a bit sheer to wear sans tights (in my opinion). I'd worry about long term wear on a delicate garment like this but the sequins seemed to be sewn on sturdily. The dress makes a little bit of swooshing noise when you move around. It is definitely a pretty conversation piece but I don't know where exactly I would wear it. I veer away from light colored dry-clean-only knits because I am too clumsy. I loved how it looked on various bloggers and am a little sad I wasn't as crazy about it for myself.

Anyway I ordered the sweater in my regular j. crew sweater size: medium. Despite the size difference, it was downright baggy! And the sleeves were a little longer. So weird! I will post some of those shots tonight. But if anyone is looking for either of these, I returned mine to the South Hills Village Mall J. Crew.


Sarahsudar said...

Oh MY!!! If you ever decide to get rid of this, I will be the first one in liune to purchase it from you!!

whatjesslikes said...

Oh it does look nice on you though! The sequins are a great amount of sparkle, not too much in the pictures at least.

I ordered this dress as well, but they cancelled the order a week later? Very disappointing Jcrew, how does one order get to my door in Canada the day you cancel another order placed at the same time?

Sarah said...

that dress looks fucking great on you. i will hope it goes on sale (moreso) and you snag it again later!

Dana said...

This dress is stunning. I like this on you a lot, but I can see why you were uncertain. It's really glitzy and without anywhere to wear it, no one gets to see how great it looks. I'm sure, like always, you'll find it again for a steal.

gigiofca said...

That's so sparkly & pretty on you. Too bad it's so sheer.

erin said...

oh i love this!!! sorry to hear it's so sheer. i'd go hunt it down but there's no way i need any more dresses in my life ;-)


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