May 25, 2011

Spinning Lace for Day: Trial and Error

Tracy Reese dress
Anthro cardigan
Forever 21 belt
Miu Miu flats

I was so in love with the intricate beauty of the Spinning Lace dress when I first tried it on last October. And I managed to get a really good deal on it during the additional % off sale. But without the ability to wear it to weddings,* and with a lifestyle that only involves occasional evenings at the symphony, I am struggling to bring down this garment's cost per wear.

Styling it for night isn't an issue. But the only real way to bring down cost per wear is to make this work-able for daytime. Pairing with flats was the first step, since they help me feel more casual in general. I figured I would also try it with the Cartography Cardigan since that seems to be my go-to, match-everything garment for pairing with Anthro dresses for daytime. I think it would have worked better if the cardi was a bit more cropped. The point where this cardigan hits the skirt makes the lower half look even more voluminous and me look even wider. Not sure I am crazy about that combo. Finally, I swapped the grosgrain sash for a casual belt. I should try it belt-less and see if that helps.

What do you think? And I haven't really seen this one worked for daytime in the blogosphere. If anyone can comment with links to sites that have styled this dress for day, please share! I would love some inspiration.

*Although I would have been fine seeing a sea of ivory among the guests for my own nuptials, I realize that a lot of people (not just the couple of honor) feel weird about this issue. So unless an invite encourages everyone to wear white, I personally avoid it at weddings.


the dea diaries said...

You look awesome Jess and did a great job toning down the dress for daytime. I love it paired with that cardigan and agree that flats automatically makes it more casual.

Ashley said...

Love the idea!  I agree something cropped would work better, though.  Have you seen the new pink dress on the Tracy Reese website?  Reminds me of the spinning lace.

Oonagh said...


Jade said...

I pair my spinning lace with the blooming lattice cardigan, which is cropped.  I pair it with a skinny belt, and button the top half of the cardigan.  I leave the buttons below the belt open.  I've tried it with both the green and blue and I love the look, especially with the green.  It looks more casual and really brightens up the dress.

thatdamngreendress said...

I love the pattern and softer colour of the cartography cardigan with this dress- it doesn't seem too bulky.

 I think you might have an easier time wearing this casually in warm weather- the stores are full of light, frothy, lacy suggestions for summer dresses right now.  Maybe it's just in winter that the white velvety lace seems decadent and luxurious...?

Mary said...

I have the Spinning Lace dress and I haven't even worn it yet. I have been thinking, since I didn't find an event to wear it to, to pair it with a somewhat chunky pair of wooden platforms and a day belt. Both in brown, as I feel brown makes it more day appropriate. Love the cartography cardigan with it! Every time I see this cardigan, I wish I could go back in time and purchase it. I have tried to pair it with the Pointed tapestry cardigan I just bought on sale. The colors work well together, but I am not really feeling the shapes together. 
I will be looking to see what other pairings you will come up with!

Steph said...

The spinning lace dress looks amazing on you and I love that you paired it with the cartography cardi. It's a smashing combo, I really like the fullness of the skirt with the fitted cardigan (it gives it a vintage vibe).

Ashley said...

That's the one!  Wish her stuff was a bit less pricey.  Her dresses are amazing.

respect_the_shoes said...

I think you're totally doing it the right way by pairing it with a more casual cardi. Maybe even try it with a fitted pullover so the dress can do double-duty as a skirt. Either way, you do look fantastic in it - and lace is so IN right now!

Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

I think it looks really good with that cardigan and I am with you on not wearing white to weddings!

carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

This totally works, Jess!  I think the Cartography cardigan is the perfect choice because it definitely has a more daytime feel.  Lisa's right - lace is so in right now that lace skirts are everywhere, and this makes your dress look just like a skirt.  You definitely put together a winning look, and that's hard to do with such a dressy piece!  Btw - I FINALLY found a Cartography cardigan!!!!  I know I'm on a shopping ban, but I actually traded it so I totally didn't cheat.  Lol. I adore it! 

Michelle's Style File said...

Great dress, I love how you've belted the cardi over it. Perfect layering.


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