May 22, 2011

Why does the sea rush to shore? Rapture OOTD

See by Chloé Landscape print dress and Daytripper bag (smaller size in black here)
Charter Club cardigan

I wore this outfit to dinner with friends then to a rapture party at the home of some other friends on Saturday night. Though I was not hungry at all, the rapture party entailed a "camp" fire pit on which people cooked hot dogs and other foods. There were also a few fierce rounds of corn toss. It was pretty fun!

When I bought this dress, I loved the landscape print. I knew it was meant to be light and whimsical (why else would it include such a pretty lady and a hot air balloon in the composition?) but I was drawn to the darker aspects of the scene. Growing up in Southwestern PA, I found the railroad tracks and rough terrain to evoke the landscape of my industrial/post-industrial childhood. Such scenery has decorated the sets of apocalyptic cinema for decades. I bought this dress because it reminded me of  dystopic fiction so it seemed fitting to wear it on a day that was alleged to be significant, no matter how far-fetched I believed that allegation to be.

Prophesying the end times has become an extremely lucrative career path for some. It is a shame that such a cottage industry of supposedly-devout snake oil salesmen has cropped up around one interpretable Biblical passage. These folks prey upon and profiteer off of the vulnerable and God-fearing. And I hope that at least some of them find their credibility has been compromised after unethically working so many people up into a panicked frenzy.

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carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

What a great print, and I enjoyed reading why you bought the dress.  Prints and colours mean something different to everyone, so it's nice to read about what this one particular print means to you.  You look absolutely lovely as always. 


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