June 01, 2011

Blue and blurry OOTD

Gap cardi
Anthro dress and necklace
Map print bag from ebay
Flats from Brazil

The blurriness of these photos is ridiculous. Blah... car problems meant that camera upgrades have been tabled for now. But I wanted to share this outfit anyway. I cannot fathom wearing a cardigan again any time soon. But the other day it was totally possible, at least at night.

I did take Speck to Petco yesterday to chill out in some a/c. Then Chris and I caved and put in the window unit. She is the happiest pup now. Hopefully we can turn it off and use some window fans only, after the heat breaks.


carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

I love that little map bag, I remember when you got it.  It looks great paired with those shoes!  I don't have a/c, and it's really unbearable on those hot days.  My house is tiny, so it's like a heat trap.  My poor chocolate lab can't take it on those days.  We set up her kiddie pool in the backyard and she lays in there!

thatdamngreendress said...

That cardigan is the perfect length for the dress- just the right cropped-ness.  Darn you and your bicycle dress/violetta dress dilemma- I am totally craving the violetta now!!!

Oh, and we broke down and put in the AC last night, even though we won't actually use it that much.  Thankfully we get a nice cross wind.  I just wish other people's AC units weren't so loud!


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