May 31, 2011

Already Sweltering OOTD

A.P.C. skirt
Embellished top from Urban Outfitters
Flats from Brazil

I wore this before the heat wave truly hit Pittsburgh (the skirt is a wool blend). Now I feel like I am melting since my older, radiator-heat home has no air conditioning. And it feels way too early to put in window units (I hate that I lose the use of the window for the season once they're installed). I can bear it. The only thing that makes me nervous is my dog. I realize dogs existed before a/c. Still, Speck is 14 years old. And I want her to be comfortable.

Thankfully I was able to take Speck to Mingo Park yesterday to picnic with my family, where she swam in the creek to stay cool. Then we hung out in a/c at Chris's mom's house, where she napped. We got home and though the house was hot, she got a bath and was a happy pup. I have to figure out my cool dog strategy for today. Then the heat is going to break for the rest of the week.

For those of you in the US, this weekend marked Memorial Day. As Carol of In Pursuit of Pretty Things very eloquently noted, the US is involved in multiple foreign wars, making it a particularly somber time for loved ones, grieving recent or distant losses. Be sure to read her moving tribute at the end of the entry.


Rachel Partin said...

I worry about my dog in the heat too. We just installed our window a/c units yesterday. I worry about leaving one on all day while I'm at work (what if it caught on fire!), but otherwise I think the dog would get too hot. Do you leave yours on all day with no person home?

thatdamngreendress said...

Oh pretty- I love the simplicity of springtime, when a little skirt and blouse just make the perfect attire.  I do love heatwaves too (you can store up the radiation to get through the winter) but it's harder to dress nicely!

I always feel bad for the pets though- my cats are pretty fuzzy and lie as close to the floorboards as possible.  They avoid the air-conditioned kitchen though- not sure why- so I just make sure there are lots of opportunities for water!

Laura Martin said...

While the Nation is in a throws of a heat wave, Bakersfield is running a rare 20 degrees F cooler than normal.  Don't get me wrong, I am truly thankful.

My friend tiled her Laundry Room floor for her dog to lay on in the Summer Months. It gets upwards of 115 here.

Your OOTD is so flattering on you.  You're gorgeous in classic Black and Red.

Rachel Partin said...

Good tip on the energy saver unit. I will keep an eye out for one second hand for now, or, like you say, hope to find a deal on a new one later. Thanks!


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