June 17, 2011

In which two stylish men accidentally dress like twins

Upon meeting some friends for dinner recently, Chris and our pal Michael (who works at super useful, Pittsburgh-based start-up, Pikimal) realized that they had inadvertently thought alike that day, as great minds often do. Navy jackets, brown ties, light blue dress shirts, brown shoes. It was too adorable to not capture and share!  Although I am not certain about Michael's outfit credits, Chris is wearing Rag and Bone (jacket and pants), Trovata (shirt), Theory (tie), and Timberland (shoes).

Be sure to check out Pikimal if you haven't heard of it! From their Twitter Bio: "Pikimal is a Pittsburgh start-up redefining search by removing marketing and bias from your results. Just the facts!"


Michael Hoffman said...

Man, we look like we just got out of some uniformed prep-school at which we'd both repeated senior year 10 times! Great picture, Jess. My outfit credits are: Thrifted JCrew jacket, Levis jeans, JCrew shirt, vintage tie and pocket square, shoes are old and I can't remember.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic thrift find you scored with that jacket. Thanks for the info! You two look so great.

carol_prettythings said...

Whoo! Just the facts! LOVE this.

thatdamngreendress said...

I love it!  stylish men need their day in the sun too!


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