June 14, 2011

MS 150 family photo and my tag sale buys

Gap cardi
Old Navy tee
Patent Tory Burch Reva flats
Michael Kors bag

On Sunday I drove to Conneaut, Ohio to pick up Chris and some friends who rode in the MS-150 bike ride to raise funds for the National MS Society. It was a great cause and it involved a two-day, 150 mile bike ride in northwestern PA, into Ohio. I am so proud of the members of Team Planned Parenthood, comprising of Chris and our friends, Rachel, Phill, Matt, and Chris L. It is great that hundreds of people were biking for something so worthwhile! Although I am not athletic enough to do such a thing, it was really moving to see everyone gearing up for the ride when I dropped off my cyclist pals on Saturday.

When I went to pick up the riders I decided to wear my new tag sale skirt. I didn't know how cold it would be by the lake. And the winds coming off Lake Erie were serious! For evidence, look no further than the 80s-ification and general bigness of my hair. Speck joined me for the drive and was so thrilled to see Chris. Because I was out of town during the week and he was out of town during the weekend, she was relieved to finally unite her pack. I love this impromptu family photo because my hair is out of control and you can see Chris's team jersey, which features a cloud spewing a rainbow that leads to Bigfoot riding on a bike. Confusing AND clever.

Chris needed more layers cause it was cold. 
I swapped my flats for Havanianas.

Regarding my tag sale purchases: The downfall of my print obsession is that I rarely invest in smart, basic, blank-canvas pieces around which I can build an outfit. The majority of my skirts feature vibrant, exciting prints that become the focal point of an outfit. The printed tops I own can occasionally be mixed. But not every occasion calls for print mixing.

Until this week, I owned a plain black skirt, my red button-front skirt, and that was about it. When the Drawing Parallels Skirts went on sale AND I realized I could take an additional 25% off, thanks to Anthropologie's Tag Sale discount, I decided to go for it. They are cotton and airy. The mediums were exactly the fit I needed. And they proved to be the perfect travel pieces, allowing me to look pulled together in 95+ degree heat. Although the website reviews were mixed, I don't mind the skirt's poofiness. The pleating and the bright colors made them a great deal at $29.95 each. I bought green, navy, and purple. If they had yellow in my size, I would have grabbed that too. Although the web only has navy and white left, there should still be plenty available in stores.


dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

As a fellow textured-hair lady, I love the body in your tresses. :) I also think it's cool that Chris participated in a MS fundraiser. I dig peeps who help others.

the dea diaries said...

I too was rather pleased with the tag sale and picked up a few goodies. The extra 25% off definitely was a great excuse. The skirt looks great on you and look forward to seeing the other colors as well.
Congrats to Chris and his team on completing the race. It is indeed for a great cause and I always admire anyone who's willing to push their bodies to the limit and achieve a goal that can make a difference for many. The shots of the family are naturally beautiful.

Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

Cute skirt and with a price like that why not!?  Congrats to your hubby and team that is really an accomplishment!!  

thatdamngreendress said...

I wouldn't have thought of that- that you, queen of the patterns, might not have enough basics!  But these are nice colour choices and will showcase patterns (or bright colour-blocking) nicely!

Way to go on the bike ride for MS (I seem to know too many people with this terrible disease)- funny that it doesn't lead folks to ride home though...!

But you guys got a nice trip to the beach out of it!

carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

That is a very cute choice for a basic skirt.  I'm like you, Jess, I own so many prints that I just don't have enough basics!  That's what I'm trying to add to my wardrobe these days.


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