July 19, 2011

A Tail of Two Fits: Sale Goggles Strike Again

Two silk dresses from See by Chloé

I have blogged my growing interest in the prints and styles of diffusion line, See by Chloé before. And I think I have also blogged my frustrations over how erratic sizing can be for women's clothes, even within the same brand. This story is about both and sale goggles are to blame. Although I haven't been shopping much lately the various sales eventually became too tempting to skip.

Not long ago I had some killer stackable coupons for bloomingdales.com. With them I stocked up on practical things like hosiery and underwear. But I also threw in this dress.

As usual it was the least practical of my purchases that excited me most. When the dress arrived, I marveled at its deep shade of plummy purple (my favorite color!) and immediately put it on to find that it was too small. I had ordered a size up to account for the straighter cut through the hips but it was still too small. And it was such a great deal that I haven't returned it yet (thanks in part to their relaxed return policy and because I am debating whether I should pass along the deal I got or keep and turn into a top... I will probably just return).

Fast forward to last weekend. Outnet.com announced their weekend shop-in promotion that applied only to See by Chloé stock. The dress I had coveted was suddenly reduced further from the clearance price.

With my recent experience reminding me of SbC's odd fits, I studied the product measurements (as I find them to be typically reliable). The size I needed was still in stock so I ordered it. It arrived quickly (as Outnet stuff always does) and I tore into the box to see how it looked. Although the print was as pretty as ever, the word tent didn't even begin to describe the cut. The measurements were off by 6 inches in some places!

I can't win this month, but I guess I can keep singing my "I'm barely shopping" tune on the technicality. In this era of mass production and technological development why is standardization in sizing such a lofty dream?


JewishGirl said...

Gah, sizing can be so frustrating, especially when it's this inconsistent within the same brand.  On the other hand, I remember being distraught in my younger days when I "had" to wear a size or two larger than I thought I "should" have to wear---now I'm so desensitized to sizes that my body image has probably improved a bit.

Such a shame about your purchases---they're so lovely!  But, as you said, at least you got to save a bit of money :)

Alison said...

Geez, eh? Both of those frocks look so fab. I am forever challenged by sizing! But bloggers like you and JG have helped so much, so thanks for that. I got my Tippi in the right size with your help and I love it!

Raquelita said...

Argh!  The print on that second dress is stunning!  I'm so sorry that it was more fit for camping gear than daily wear.  

fshnonmymind said...

How disappointing, especially with that pretty purple number. I love that!!!

I always find sizing to be an issue and always appreciate when measurements are listed, although that is really crazy how inaccurate Outnet's sizing was. Did you sent them a note of complaint?

Kristin said...

Oh, what a bummer!  The prints are beautiful.  Like you said, at least your wallet is happy:)


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