November 11, 2011

Wear the Flattering Shift (or not!)

Megan of the Pittsburgh-based, tech-savvy, made-to-measure clothing start-up, Wear the Shift posted a smart followup to the entry I wrote a few weeks back about my rejection of the discourse of flattering. I encourage you to check it out! And I thank her for the link love! It makes me feel really flattered (pun intended) to have provoked additional thoughts about the subject.


thatdamngreendress said...

I can't believe I missed that earlier post...I guess I was away.

I think as always you have a thoughtful and rational way of articulating these things, and its especially powerful because you aren't rejecting 'fashion' or 'style' in the process, as some do. It isn't any wonder then that it causes others to think and reflect too.

Bronzi said...

Good blog post on both sides. Definitely some food for thought, despite some not willing to admit, that looking great is often defined by standards most women won't fit into. I was looking at a website one day that listed the measurements for many top model. None of them had hips larger than 35". Interesting, as those are some slim or narrow hipped women, which I will never be, at 39", with the thighs to match. I would never be called fat, but it does make me think about the messages young girls are getting. A colleague at work noticed her 17 year old daughter starting to get obsessed with exercising, since she heard at a very elite private school, that you can't have your thighs touch. There must be a gap. This young woman is very bright, accomplished and whose family has the resources for her to be able to achieve much, but she is concerned about this gap. :(. Thankfully her mother sees the issue and is trying to redirect the focus.

Sorry for the rant.


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