January 24, 2012

Cozy in Fair Isle

D'armee dress in black
Rose Gold Liz boots
Anthro belt
Hue tights

I love Fair Isle sweaters and if you visit any number of stores they seem to be inescapable. My mom bought me this drapey number from Macys for Christmas and it is so cozy. I throw it on over all sorts of casual outfits. So when I was headed out to teach last week on an especially cold day, I decided to try it with a dress. I belted it to keep the sweater in place and I think it worked out. It's definitely bulky but I was so warm that I hardly cared.


dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

Cozy chic! I love this outfit on you. And it'd be perfect for our frigid Canadian winters.

respect_the_shoes said...

I looooove a cozy knit sweater and that looks fantastic on you!

Terri said...

I love cozy sweaters like this.  I have an entire collection that I never wear outside of the house.


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