January 20, 2012

Hypothetically Shopping Pure Collection

Pure Collection Set

I love winter because it offers an opportunity to wear the coziest of knits. The ladies knitwear carried by Pure Collection comes in some of my favorite colors and shapes. When I hypothetically shopped the site this week, I found some really good prices on cashmere. Although I don't know if I could ever rationalize owning cashmere sweatpants, a seasonally-influenced desire for warmth and comfort sure tempts me.


TeresaCanada said...

I own cashmere tights, but they look more like sweatpants, from Victoria's Secret (so the % od cashmere is under 25) but they are great.  Comfy and warm.  When it comes to comfy I always say go for it.  We women put ourselves thru hell with the heels and makeup and stuff, we deserve it.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I have longed for cashmere lounge pants for the longest time. They seem like the ultimate in luxury wear.


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