January 27, 2012

What I bought from the Saks Clearance

As I've already mentioned, it's pretty bittersweet to be losing the local Saks Fifth Avenue. With the consolidation stock they received, it makes the browsing experience even more fun than usual because there are have brands not typically carried in Pittsburgh. But the knowledge that the store will soon be gone for good is a bummer.

When I visited last weekend I wasn't sure that I would purchase anything. I went to handbags first and found a smooshy gray Rocco bag that tempted me. I even carried it around for a while to figure out if I could manage its infamous heft. Those iconic studs are some serious hardware! Ultimately I put it back. I have plenty of bags so I've become very sensible about impulse purchases (even when things are 65% off!). This is especially important because everything at the Pittsburgh Saks is now final sale.

They are honoring the original return policy for merchandise purchased before the clearance began. And because Anthropologie keeps releasing new colorways for the Pieced Column dress (some of which I like even better than my after Chrismas Saks Bailey 44 buy) I returned it. I read about some quality issues with the fabric and decided I could better put that gift card money to something that will be able to be worn often (lowering the cost per wear) and for years to come.

I've written about my enduring love for outerwear and every year I tend to find one coat to add to my collection. Well, last year was an exception. Although there were coats that I liked, none were the right price at the right time. When I saw the racks of Burberry for 65% off (with a gift card that would make it more than 80% off), I decided to make a purchase. 

I have already worn it every day this week! 

Note: They still had a lot of the Bailey 44 dresses and they are going to keep marking things down along the way so it might be back in my possession eventually. I will also be sale stalking the Pieced Column at Anthro because I do think it is a gorgeous, fun dress and I liked how it fit me. Eventually I believe I will be able to find one for a better price than retail. Check out Carol's new reviews of the dresses on In Pursuit of Pretty Things


carol_prettythings said...

Oh, what a fantastic coat! I used to have a pretty substantial coat collection, until I moved to San Diego, and now...well, suffice it to say, the weather is in the mid-70s right now. So, there goes that. I will, however, live vicariously through you. =)

embarrassmentofriches said...

Ahhhhh what an amazing (but bittersweet) score! It's such a classic coat and it looks great on you Jess!

April and Maya said...

That coat is so amazing.  I'm incredibly jealous.  

GeoInCalifornia said...

Gorgeous coat Jess. An excellent buy at 80% off. Love the contrast between the dark color and your beautiful hair.

Sad to hear you will lose a major retailer. We have lost the only 2 high end dept stores we had.

So irritating about the Bailey 44 fabric. I love my Tiered Stripes Dress, and now I can't wear it anytime I want to.

red_head4242 said...

Great call on the purchasing the coat.  It's a great investment piece.  I love it.

Emily G. said...

I love your coat!!

whatjesslikes said...

Gorgeous coat! I think that was a very sensible but awesome choice for your purchase :) Something you can wear forever and even pass down.


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