February 15, 2012

Dropped Dots Dress Review

Dropped Dots size 8

Dropped Dots size 10

I thought the Dropped Dots Dress was so pretty when I saw it hanging in my local Anthropologie. I was guided by the helpful sales associate to take a size up in addition to trying my regular dress size and this was good advice. I actually think I needed two sizes up because of a squeezy bodice on my curvy body. Although I could technically "fit" into the 8, it was not at all comfortable and it looked way too tight. The 10 also felt a bit tight around the bust. The problem with the bodice fit is that the very forgiving and poofy skirt became too forgiving and too poofy as I sized up. This one is just not meant for my figure. It's a pretty dress with a beautiful deeper v in the back. But the tricky fit is enough to make me pass. I'm having the worst luck at Anthropologie lately. Good for my bank account at least!

Other important details about the dress. I thought it should have had pockets but if I am remembering correctly, it didn't. I also found the fabric to be a bit too thick for summer which is a bummer. The skirt is not lined but the dress is from the waist up. For a few more reviews of this dress, see it on Roxy, Carol, and Dea.


Whajesslikes said...

It is a cute dress, but I agree not quite right for you. The no pockets would be sad too, it totally looks like it should have them!

Tara_St said...

I think it's by the same designer as the Noon and Night Dress and I think it has a similar fit.  The Noon and Night Dress does fit really tight in the bodice, but the skirt is a little less poofy than the Dropped Dots and the waist line is higher.  It's a shame because it's such a cute dress.  I just don't think it's meant for us ladies with hips.

Penniless Socialite

carol_prettythings said...

I had no luck with this dress either. It's funny...so good in theory, so disappointing in execution, somehow. Is there anyone this dress has really worked for, yet?

respect_the_shoes said...

I adore the idea of this dress but execution ... unfortunately so many things made this dress not work for me either. That pseudo-dropped waist and poofy skirt is a difficult silhouette to pull off!


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