March 08, 2012

If it was socially acceptable...

Sweater dress from Bluefly (similar here, here, and here)
Missoni for Target tights
Aquatalia boots (zip version here)
Kate Spade tote (this season's equiv: here, here, and on sale here)
MBMJ jacket

(If money was no object) I would swath myself in cashmere knits on every chilly day. And not just cashmere sweater dresses like the one above. If the price was right I would totally buy some lounging pants and a zip hoodie. I'd wear a soft, drapey swobe. As I get older I notice that when I'm relaxing at home or in recovery mode I just want to be comfortable. And when I wore the above outfit to campus, I chose it because I was recovering from the flu. A 24 hour bug hit me like a ton of bricks over the weekend. My immune system is usually pretty strong. I don't get sick that often. And this is a good thing.

Although there are many benefits to working as a professor, I rarely find myself willing to cancel committee meetings, classes, or (as was the case on this day) interviews unless I am so ill I cannot move. If I can get out of bed, if I have (enough of) a voice, if I am not grossly contagious, and if I can drive to campus without putting anyone in danger, I will usually power through. I was feeling pretty exhausted on this day, as I was still in recovery mode. I was confident that I wouldn't be getting anyone else ill. I kept a safe distance, used a lot of anti-bacterial gel, and opened windows to ventilate when I was in closed quarters. I simply could not reschedule my agenda for that day. So I needed to be comfortable but look passably professional. I think it worked out well enough.

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BiblioMOMia said...

Yup--pajama ninja. Sometimes you just need clothes that make you think you're at home actually taking care of yourself.

I think that's one of the hardest parts of academic life--the fact that it's usually so hard to reschedule, well, anything. Unlike being a teacher in a traditional school, it's not like we have a system of substitutes, and each class is too important to the overall syllabus. I feel your pain--I definitely mimed my way through laryngitis a few times. I hope you feel better quickly!

carol_prettythings said...

Oh, I love cashmere too! And when I was teaching, I definitely was the same - I'd drag myself to school, even when I was feverish, sometimes. I just felt so responsible for those kids. It's not the best thing, I realize now. When you're sick, you need to take care of yourself, Jess - not everyone else. ;)

respect_the_shoes said...

I am completely becoming more appreciative of "loungewear" as I am getting older. Anthropologie and J.Crew make excellent non-sweatshirt looking sweatshirts that I adore. If I could spend my days in them, that'd be fantastic1


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