May 24, 2012

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Wants

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is on! And as Carol has written, Nordstrom remains unrivaled when it comes to customer service. I had two great experiences this week alone, in receiving a price match for an item I wanted to buy that was on sale with a competitor and in returning a pair of Chris's shoes that were defective. Whether I visit in person, at my local store north of Pittsburgh or use the handy Live Chat window on the website, I always feel like I'm treated with kindness and care. I think my favorite item now on sale has to be the Finch Charm dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs (which I reviewed here). I also think this 3.1 Phillip Lim cardigan is too cool. But really, I'm loving all of the above! Are you getting anything?


snowymt 55 said...

love your picks Jess! I desperately want something in the MJ finch print!!

Carol said...

Oh, I love that Finch Charm Dress! How did I miss it??? They're sold out of my size already, waaaaah! I really love all of your picks. I was in the store yesterday, and got a bunch of stuff for the kids. I think that'll be it for me until July, when the Anniversary Sale hits. I love Nordy's. Let us know if you got anything for yourself!


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