July 09, 2012

A transitional OOTD

Building a transitional wardrobe to get me through these weeks of pregnant in-between hasn't been easy. On the best days, an influx of stretchy clothing has made me less sad about neglecting my usual waist-emphasizing summer staples. And I acknowledge that an excess of hormones is to blame partly for the worst days (complete with an occasional dressing room meltdown).

Surprisingly, the most challenging part of this process has not been confronting some newly resurfaced body image demons. The hardest thing instead has been determining logistically what to buy, what will last me through this painfully hot summer, and whether or not to begin preparing for larger, definitively pregnant-looking times.

In the meanwhile I've been offered guidance and support from various moms in my life. And most recently my mother-in-law generously took me shopping for a few key pieces to help get me through. The dress is just one of the items we picked.

Ann Taylor Loft tiered tie waist tank dress
Nordstrom cardigan
Stuart Weitzman flats (similar here)
Kate Spade tote (adorable current season version here)
Redraven Studios necklace (FYI, some of my favorite pieces are on sale right now!)

We also selected some breezy tunics (here and here), another dress in plain black, some cute tank tops in a few colors, and a pretty scarf.

BTW, I apologize for the delay in my giveaway launch. It will be up asap!


dajana said...

Congratulations, Jess! I saw the word "pregnant" in my reader and quickly skidaddled to your blog. That is fantastic news! And you look smashing. (:

Terri said...

Yeah for moms-in-law who understand!

robina said...

You look so beautiful! That dress is a great color.

Carol said...

I love this outfit, Jess! It looks so comfy, pretty, and well put-together. (Yay for loving MILs!) When I was pregnant, I also found that I had trouble finding clothes I wanted to wear (haha) but the body image stuff was not a problem. If anything, I was just amazed by my body constantly - the things it's capable of! Who knew??? I hope you enjoy this time as much as you can. I can't say I loved being pregnant, but the process was really fascinating. Particularly the first time through.


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