October 24, 2012

Quick wedding OOTD

I toiled over what to wear to a recent wedding and wound up feeling pleased enough with this ensemble that I also sported it to my second baby shower. I will update with some photos and recap from that day (which was really wonderful and full of enthusiasm and love, just like the first). The wedding was also really beautiful and moving. A couple who had been together for decades decided to make a marital commitment to each other and it was thrilling to see. I wanted to dance so much more than I physically could. Chris and I really only managed a slow song or two before I decided to listen to my body and sit down.

I'm at the point where it's hard not to feel occasional negative body thoughts because with increasing frequency my current body is in varying degrees of pain or discomfort. But I am healthy and the fetus is healthy so despite my nagging aches I realize I'm very fortunate.

Things are hectic as we count down the last few weeks before we have a kid. So much is left to do. But I've managed to keep my belly photos updated and write occasionally about this new and changing experience both here and on my pregnancy blog. Thank you for hanging around even though my wardrobe and consumption have shifted to suit these adaptations.

Outfit details:
Everly Grey dress from Amazon
Assets Maternity Tights (which are actually awesome! buy them here or here)
Gucci Wedges
Amber pendant and John Hardy heart necklace (both gifts)


thatdamngreendress said...

Great print- you look splendid!  Oh my, what did pregnant ladies do before stretch jersey?  Oh right...Laura Ashley giant floral mumus!

How much longer? 

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

haha at my second shower, my mom included a collage with this photo of her while pregnant and she was most definitely wearing something that could be described as a Laura Ashley floral mumu.

Thank you for the kind words! I agree that stretch jersey is a revelation and feel grateful to be pregnant today rather than 30 years ago. :)


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