December 16, 2012

Final outfits of pregnancy part 1

Because I went into labor a little early, I never had the chance to blog a number of things related to my maternity style and pregnancy in this space so I'll be working to wrap up those chapters in the coming days. First here is one of the outfits that suited me nicely during my third trimester. I wore it to work, to dinner, and to our coed diaper party. You can see some of the diaper party decor in the above photos (baby clothesline, diaper cake, etc.). Sadly I have no photos from the party. Just photos taken after everyone left, before I took down the decorations and put the chairs back where they belong. We had a wonderful time having our friends over for one last soirée as "DINKs." And everyone was so supportive and generous. We really felt loved.

I didn't change it up for campus because if I'm seeing a totally different crop of people I don't tend to mess with what works.

I bought this Pea in the Pod abstract rose print dress in gently used condition from ebay. One of the benefits of maternity clothing being a part of a temporary wardrobe is that a fantastic resale market exists to help you score deals during and (if you choose and/or if you don't think you'll need the clothes again) help you recoup some of the funds you spent after. I am not planning to part with any of my maternity pieces just yet because I still feel sentimental attachment to them and I also plan to re-wear things during my postpartum times. But that the resale potential exists is comforting.

For size reference, I am wearing a large. I have read and agree with the consensus that A Pea in the Pod runs a bit smaller than other maternity lines. The large fit me nicely up until the very end of pregnancy, as I wore this dress to dinner during week 38. Apologies for the blurry indoor photos. Daylight savings time combined with a busy work schedule to make me unable to catch any good natural light.

Outfit details:
Pea in the Pod dress
Assets Maternity tights
Payless flats
Streets Ahead bow belt (non maternity)

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