January 16, 2013

Keeping Warm

This is the tenth winter that Chris and I have spent together as partners. His February birthday gives me the convenience of shopping post-holiday sales because in Pittsburgh there's always enough winter left after February. He'll make use of warm layering pieces, men's jackets and other cold weather gear. At this point, his coat collection rivals mine. I think this Paul Smith number is my favorite.

I've been browsing men's coats and jackets on Jacamo and other sites to see if anything could fill a hole in his wardrobe. But he's pretty discerning and at this point I prefer for him to give me guidance. He picked out the Rag and Bone sweater I already purchased. It's been challenging holding onto it until February because I know he really wants it.

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thatdamngreendress said...

Very classy!!  We were lucky enough to find a stash of amazing vintage men's winter coats for the manfriend last year- some tweeds, a little fur-collared dramatic piece and a lovely cord trench coats.  I wish I could find some of those for myself!  I did just get suckered into a down coat 70% off at Anthro- fortunately (?) it's between -15 and -25 this weekend so I can test to see if it actually 'works'!


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